10 Compliments Ladies Love To Hear

Compliments go a long way in warming  hearts of ladies and men. However women take it really to heart when they get Compliments, especially from their female fellows. Say What?!  Don’t be fooled, guys. After dressing for ourselves, we dress for the next lady who’d be able to spot an original virgin human hair on our head (because guys don’t know isshh about those stuff. The most they can call it is ‘weave-on’), then the guys come last but that doesn’t mean a compliment or two from them ain’t appreciated. Here are some things I know women hear and go all bubbly.

  • Are you losing weight?: *cue In Handel Messiah’s Hallelujah* Honestly, this is the music we hear in our heads especially African/Nigerian women. The brightness on our faces can barely be hidden but we try to front and act like we are oblivious of our 153rd attempt to lose that weight at the gym. We just say things like, “Really?…Ehennn?!…Maybe it’s the dress!”…But in our heads we are already Naomi Campbell, strutting on the runway.
  • You’ve got that pregnancy glow: Awww! No-one, absolutely no one wants to feel ugly, especially when pregnant. Even when she turns as dark as night due to Melasma, telling her she’s glowing is a hit.
  • Are those ‘Fendi’? : Oh yeaaah! In the girl world, anyone who can spot their fragrance or bag or shoes from a distance and compliment them, automatically gets promoted from stranger to acquaintance, sometimes, friend. Guys hardly can spot these. They just round it up with “you smell/look nice”.lol. That will do, so far as it’s an honest compliment.
  • Gorgeous Hair!: By now you must have been  convinced that ladies actually dress for ladies to be admired. Men see Hair. Women see Virgin Brazillian Hair, 18″,20″ and 22″. Or for the naturalistas, they see a well pre-pooed, shampooed, conditioned, gorgeously styled 4c Afro curls. What do men see again?….”Hair, Just Hair!”
  • You just had a baby?!*shocked*: Oh the butterflies that fill your stomach when people wonder if you just had a baby because your body did some Kim and Beyoncé snapback moves. Well give her that Compliment, she deserves that.
  • You should own a restaurant!: When your cooking is on fleek. Well, since they say the way to the Man’s heart is his stomach, this compliment mostly comes from guys. Keep it up, by the way. No lady wants to spend hours in the kitchen and not be appreciated.
  • You are BEAUTIFUL!: This is for all those DM sliders. Sliding into people’s destinies. Lol. The words ‘cute… pretty….sexy’ don’t cut it for first time compliments. She’s not a puppy so she ain’t ‘cute’. She’s not a doll so she ain’t ‘pretty’. She’s not a video vixen  so she ain’t ‘sexy’. BEAUTIFUL, sounds wholesome and makes her feel like a total woman.
  • Your kids are so well-behaved!: Please, say that again!…I can’t hear you. Say it again!…Again! *tears of joy* . This is a big score for Moms. In a world where every parent compares  parenting styles with the next, it’s golden to hear these words. Especially from a total stranger. So if you see a well behaved kid, compliment his/her Mom. They’d love to hear it.
  • You’ve worked so hard, You need a treat!: Massage, Spa, Wine, Chocolate, travel spree….Yes pleeaaasee! Just typing this already calms me down. The endorphins are already emanating from my phone. Show your woman you love her, she deserves every bit of it.
  • You are a strong woman: In a world where women have been objectified as weak. Seeing a woman’s endeavours to keep her home-front and work-front intact and applauding her for her strengths would always make her do more. We deserve a pat on the back. We really do!

So I’m curious, what do you hear that gets your heart pumping with great delight? Share at the comment section. Don’t forget to spread a little love today. Compliment someone on their efforts and also accept compliments gracefully because you deserve it!

PS: My heart sunk at the slave story of our fellow Nigerians and Africans in Libya. Did I see somewhere, they asked us to Pray for Libya? No, I won’t. I’d rather pray for my brothers in Libya. Call me sentimental but that’s it. Thank God for speedy response in returning them back to Nigeria. Always do your part to help the next brother. Change can only start with us.




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  • Reply
    November 29, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    Dear Bubu,
    I will slide these tips across to ehmmm…
    Always a pleasure reading your write-ups. xoxo

    • Reply
      November 29, 2017 at 9:39 pm

      Hahahha. I think he already knows but a little emphasis wouldn’t hurt. Thanks so much, darling. It’s a delight always having you

  • Reply
    December 3, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Yaass!! Love your post as always. Spot on xx

    • Reply
      December 5, 2017 at 12:07 am

      Thanks darling. I’m glad you like it

  • Reply
    December 11, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Yes Bubu! The ladies loveeee compliment ! Have you ever complimented an older woman on how young she looks, or how her daughter looks like her sister? Do that and she Likes You INSTANTLY… Having said that though, women deserve to be complimented. We do so much and sometimes, get back so little…

    • Reply
      December 11, 2017 at 9:42 pm

      Very very true my dear. That works like magic. Guys reading This, this is a sure pass. Hope y’all reading too? Lol

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