10 Funny Life Lessons To Learn From The 2nd 2016 US Presidential Debate

Two nights ago, almost everyone was interested in watching serious headline news. The second presidential debate for The United States presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was aired worldwide. You could actually cut through the tension with a knife. It was that dense. Never in the History, has a presidential race been so thrilling and telemundo-ish! We literally share chips and Coke watching it everytime. Now I have my opinion on the right candidate (though I don’t think either of them is right) but this post is for the sole purpose of (funny) life’s lessons drawn from the debate scene. It is not in anyway biased. So all ‘Clintonians and Trumpeteers’, don’t get too worked up. I see people losing their minds on social media ‘coz of these two. Not worth it, guys!

If you are living in Mars, this would be news to you that a leaked tape hearing Trump in 2005, brag about how he did some sexually offensive things to a woman was aired in the media. This shook the presidential race, forcing even Trump’s own Republican party to suggest he backs down. Everyone thought it was over for Trump. People wondered how he could handle the debate that followed the viral video. Well, let’s just say, Trump handled it like Trump. I learnt a lot during this political brawl.

  1. Do not throw stones when living in a glass house: Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate thought they would use this video as a leverage but all Trump did was go all out, dishing out her flaws to the media, emphasizing on the 30,000 confidential office e-mails she deleted and how she handled Benghazi (Go look up her story) and how she shut up her husband’s sex accusers while he was president. I know she must have expected those points to come up, but she didn’t have enough meat on the bone when she stated her reasons for those mishaps on her part. So before you dish out dirt on someone, make sure your own house is clean.
  2. When you throw a punch, guard your face: This is what boxing coaches will tell you cos when you throw a punch, you are open to receive an attack from your opponent. She threw the punch, Trump punched back. His first debate was laidback (not attacking Hillary) but this second one, he was harsh. I mean very harsh. Probably going that line, since they played dirty on him.
  3. When you are asked questions, answer them promptly: I have my reservation on both and like I said I have a preferred candidate in my head which I won’t say here. Trump, has his fortè but it seems answering questions directly is not one of them. He runs “The Apprentice”, if there’s anyone who talks and asks direct questions, it’s him. So Trump, why you gon’ do me like that?! Honeychild! Learn to be straight forward with answers, they’ll make you sound legit.
  4. Media is a powerful tool: Watch yourself reign or crash and burn with media. It is obvious the prefered candidate is Hillary Clinton because all the media seems to be backing her covertly or overtly. While Trump is being thrown under the bus. I’ve seen statements of his which was in clear black and white, now twisted to connote a totally different message. Even the republican FOX news seems to be against Trump. My question is Why? Secondly, What makes Hilary better? Media is a powerful tool that can sway the minds of people, always get to know someone in person or be present at a said event to create your own opinion. Media will make you see what they want you to see and hear what they want you to hear. So if you are lucky to have media on your side, good! If you don’t, I pirry you.
  5. If you don’t have words to describe a bad thing, just say “Disaster”: Lol. I kept hearing “disaster” from Trump’s mouth, so much I started hearing it in my sleep and pouting my mouth like his. His use of that word became so monotonous. It must have been used almost 30 times. Trump, my Kuy!  Just employ me to be your Thesaurus. I don’t mind. When you sound monotonous with words, you sound uninteresting.
  6. Face your fears, Go big or go home!: I was so scared and embarassed for Trump concerning that video but he faced his fears, apologized and went straight to the debate. He went all out I must say. Like he had nothing to lose anymore. Reminds me of my Nigerian athlete that said in his viral interview video, “H’oh, H’I never h’experred it. That final day is going to be a bloody day, all of us will just die there” Hahaha. Poor interviewer, wondering what the carnage talk was all Sorry, I digress. lol. Always face your fears, go all out and kill it. You just might be admired for it.
  7. Things you say/do in this media age can be used against you: A 2005 “locker room banter” can cause this man his political career. So all those people doing kurukere moves, y’all know Jesus (and Google) is seeing everything. Hahaha.
  8. Positivity lights a place: I need to invite that man to dinner, who asked the candidates to say one nice thing to eachother. For minutes, these two were just going for eachother’s jugular. It was just so sweet to end the debate with positive testimonials from opponents.
  9. Your Children are your best assets: No matter how you crase reach, make your children no chop dat crase. I must say Trump’s kids, Ivanka especially, is such a breath of fresh air  in this mayhem. That should speak well of his character at home. This was the compliment Hillary gave Trump. Your kids represent you (kinda’).
  10. Never quit: Honestly, I respect Hillary. This woman has been going at it for years. She seem to me to be a tad bit overambitious but hey, I’d take her ambition anyday. Trump also complimented her on this point. Be ambitious!

I must admit, this election has been so entertaining. Thanks to them for not making our cable subscription go to waste. So we await the next debate and after that, it’s up to you Americans. I’m so curious about how the winner among these two, would handle America. Naija people, just in case that place gets unbearable, please come back to Naija, let’s make America Nigeria great again. That will be huuuuge! *in Trump’s voice.

P.S: I don’t usually talk about politics but this is like Game of Thrones. Personally, these two are not my favourites. Infact, among all the runners, the only person I liked was Marco Rubio but unfortunately he fell out. Trump has a ruthless approach and sounds very practical but he doesn’t seem to have a (politically-styled) laid out plan when asked. On the flipside, Hillary, has been in office and knows how this is done(although it’s been used against her for not changing anything with her years in office). She also has a clear cut plan however, She strikes me as over ambitious with hidden agenda and two-faced and that’s not good for a country. So who are you rooting for and why? Let’s banter at the comment section. 


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  • Reply
    October 11, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    Stayed up to watch this debate, and I was just so disappointed. Wish America the best.

    • Reply
      October 12, 2016 at 12:40 am

      They really could use a wish right now.

  • Reply
    Precious Nkeih
    October 12, 2016 at 4:47 am

    Hahaha that picture at the top is so funny!
    Lol at disaster all the time.
    Trumps kids appear so well behaved. I watched a documentary about them and was completely blown.
    Hillary is a strong woman.
    Well written, Bubu!

    • Reply
      October 12, 2016 at 5:17 pm

      Thanks darling

  • Reply
    Berry Dakara
    October 13, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Donald Trump is nothing more than a big immature, arrogant, abusive, lying bully!

    Nuff said.

    And if the media seems like they’re against Trump, it’s because he keeps saying and doing stuff that should not be said or done.

    I gotta go before I start getting upset.

  • Reply
    October 13, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    Hahahaha. Berry oh ! Oya take a cup of chilled Zobo. See sweet Berry losing it. America why? Hahaha. Hope you are going to vote? Make yours count,hun!

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