10 Practical Gifts For (Nigerian) Nursing Moms

There’s a thin line between the perfect gifts and just blehhh. Most times this occurs in giving gifts to nursing moms, either for them or their babies. There are tonnes of gifts to pick out from which makes it a conundrum making a choice but how practical are those gifts? Another scenario is when you as an individual give thoughtful gifts, then when it’s your time to receive gifts, people just give you random souvenirs that have no use at the time or beyond. It can be frustrating for a family, that all they have around them can’t be used (at the time) when they’ve got so much needs.

A lot of factors come to play when it comes to gifting. You have to know their taste. You even have to be close to them or have telepathic powers to know what they’d really like. This is the reason most westerners imbibe the concept of a baby registry. Where hopeful recipients (Moms) actually itemize what they need in liason with a store. All you need do as a friend or family, is go and pick any of the available gifts you can afford on their ‘list’ and gift it to them. In this case, there isn’t any repetition  of gifts or an empty room full of impractical gifts. If you  do it in Nigeria, you are termed picky or greedy by that your ‘Aunty’. Lol. So while we wait for this culture to come sit in Nigeria, here are some practical affordable  gifts you can give to a Mom and her baby besides pouring powder all over her body and choking her the hell up.

  1. Diapers: Boooo! How clichè! I know, right. If you are a first time Mom, you’d always roll your eyes over another set of diapers being thrown at you. Just give it time. Wait till you’ve bought diapers for your child for 2 years and see how much you should have saved, then you would revisit this point. 2nd time Moms know the worth. Diapers and baby food are gold. Baby food can be excused because when it comes to things ingested, you need to be super sure what brand the babies can tolerate if they are not breastfeeding exclusively. But diapers?!…..go for it but take it up a notch by going for high quality diapers not just anyone. The high quality ones tend to save one from allergy tendencies etc. You can never have enough diapers. So you can buy different sizes in bulk so they grow into, if your wallet allows.
  2. Boppy Nursing pillow: This pillow is magic. It helps to aid breastfeeding and can be used to prop up baby for tummy time and sitting time. Never leave a baby unattended when on pillow, though.
  3. Nursing Bras: If you are close to her, you can ask her her bust size. Trust me with spills of breast milk and yet a need to feel fresh, this is a great gift. I was gifted one on my first birth experience by a friend and I never stopped thanking her because I thought I’d never need it. I rushed to get more when I saw its use.
  4. Cute Monogrammed Onesies, Bibs and Burp clothes: Depending on the climate of your area, you can purchase the  full-bodied onesies or the short sleeved ones. So far as it’s cute, it’s fine but having it monogrammed makes it even cuter.
  5. Fashion Clothes (Be weary, though!): If you are giving clothes, it should check out some boxes. How comfortable would it be on skin? Is it made of 100% cotton? Are the parents willing to wear their baby such, especially if the parents are fashionable? You know there are some clothes you receive and from the sight you can tell your baby ain’t gonna be wearing that. The reason I say, be weary. Some parents sense of fashion would not agree with yours. Sometimes, people present tacky poorly- sewn baby clothes to the parents or a designer knock-off (instead of GAP KIDS, you see GOP Kids). If the receiving parents  are fashionable, be sure they won’t be putting that on their baby no matter how fancy it looks.
  6. A range of skin care oils for Mom: Every Mom looks forward to the exit of those dark spots (Melasma) and can’t wait to have their pre-pregnancy look. Getting the best of oils for her skin will put a smile on her face. Example, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Rosemary oil, mustard oil, almond oil  and anything that can make her skin pop.
  7. Electronic Breastpumps: This is a bit pricey but it is a very important gift especially for working Moms. To make it achievable to buy, you could buy it as a group. So she can still do exclusive feeding without her baby being latched on her boobies 24/7. The manual breatpumps are okay and are more affordable but they can be quite a task to pump milk.
  8. A baby Thermometer: I know some superstitious mom would think this is you wishing the child ill but no!..This is a must-have for every mom, especially new moms. Older Moms must already have had this for their previous babies but if yours is cuter and more functional, it would earn a spot in Mom’s heart. Most times, when there’s a sudden fever, it happens at night so it’s always best to know the degree of fever your little one is having so you could act accordingly.
  9. Cute Home Decor for the Nursery: You have to be sure that the baby actually has a nursery because most Nigerian moms like me, prep up a room in excitement and never use it because baby sleeps in with parents despite the warnings of SIDS. If the baby actually has a room, there are thousands of arts that can add that extra cuteness to the room.
  10. Money!: We cannot even emphasise how this goes a long way. Confused on what to buy? Make it cash. This also gives the flexibility for the parents to use it to purchase what’s really needed…besides using it to redeem her Human hair that needed completion of payment.

A car seat, A baby bouncer, A cute set of christening clothes, A baby Monitor, Waist trainers for Mom etc. All these and more are great gifts but can be pricey getting the best qualities. Our focus is to give practical budget-friendly baby and Mommy gifts. Expecting a baby soon? Or looking forward to gifting a new born? What gifts come to mind?





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  • Reply
    October 20, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Nice one again girl. So many factors are considered in Nigeria before you buy a gift for mama and baby. Even seeing with spirito eyes (if you get what I mean). Because if you are not careful, you will buy an expensive gift and it would not be used due to fear of bad guys.

    • Reply
      October 20, 2017 at 4:43 pm

      Lol. I totally get it. I keep wondering why someone will not utilise an expensive gift. So far as it’s practical, I’d be taking it with all arms and a grin. I’ve actually seen someone who tossed out all the teddy bears and dolls gifted to his newborn. Though those are impractical gifts for a New born, his reason was dolls are channels for evil spirits. His wife didn’t find it funny but had to give in to his ‘spirituality’.lol. Too much watching of ‘Chucky’.

  • Reply
    October 22, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Lol @ money! That always works. It’s often tricky because you don’t know if people would have bought similar items. So most people tend to go with clothes – knowing that it’s unlikely the kid would have too many. But this is def a great list Bubs!

    • Reply
      October 23, 2017 at 7:42 pm

      Thanks Kachee. Yeah, you have a great point there

  • Reply
    October 23, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    If I had to choose I’d say an electric pump considering the fact that they are so expensive now compared to when I had my first baby.However money is what I know a lot of people give.

    • Reply
      October 24, 2017 at 11:24 am

      Why those are so expensive, I’d never know. We had a Facebook discussion on this post and I pointed it out that even changing brands of breast pumps aren’t feasible because the price of getting one is heart breaking. Long time, Cheechee.

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