10 Things Moms of Toddlers Can Relate With

Moms are a gift to the earth. We’ve learnt how to multitask yet keep it together. Although, there is a renaissance of Moms who have got their lips, hips and fingertips put together, sometimes, most times we fall into a state of mayhem and toy carnage when caring for your toddlers. There are some obvious changes that occur at this stage of our lives. It seems like a rite of passage. It’s like you are duffed on the shoulder and greeted with “You have been Mom-ed!” I’d run a list and see how many Moms can relate.

The Smashed Phone screen: Hello, Mums! This is literally the Most thing we have in common. If yours ain’t cracked, just wear a halo and sit pretty, next to Jesus. When I was about getting married, I visited a friend who had a toddler at the time. Her phone was in a sorry state and she didn’t even mind, she used it with pride. I said to myself, “that won’t be me”. Well, hello Bubu! My phone(s) have fallen more than a score times and truly has had the badge of honor. Throw it away, you say?! How dare you? We are used to this, we don’t even know what a clean phone looks like anymore. *Sigh*

The High-waist jean: These jeans have also been monickered “Mom Jeans” by the fashion world. I have been in love with the high-waist jeans, probably since my birth so I was quite happy it’s something we can openly embrace as style. High waist jeans are supposed to tuck in those love handles and Mum-Tum, so most Moms go for it. This is quite comfortable and satisfying because we sure wanna save you the eyesore of noticing our oh-so-sexy stretch marks while we are busy wrestling with toddlers at the Mall. Remember, we’ve got no hands to drag a low-waist Jean because those hands are busy keeping the toddlers on a leash.

The Hair cut: This hasn’t happened to me (yet) but I know some women who just chop off their long hair suddenly. Their reason; “I need air”,”No time for the salon”,”A new look”. Well, I think rocking a short hair stylishly requires more attention except you just want a school girl haircut.

Away with the crazy heels : I was affected by this the most. I really loved high heels but for safety concerns, I can’t wear them to carry my kids. Besides having toddlers means running all the time, which we can’t do on heels. So, flat shoes, wedges, block heels or very low heels have been gleefully embraced by us.

The Swimsuit Phobia: While some can easily have a snap-back bod and comfortably rock a two-piece bikini, most of us pray dearly that the one-piece bathing suit we’d reluctantly try, must be black, as flattering as possible, it should have super powers of covering cellulite, and hope that while we are busy trying to get our bodies back, a law can be passed that one can swim in a robe and shouldn’t be looked at oddly.

Increased Pain threshold( for stepping on toys): Legos everywhere! Arghhh! After childbirth pain is this pain. It’s just a painful experience that you get used to. No epidural needed.

We love Art: Move over, Leonardo Da Vinci! Here is the new Picasso. Even when our legs are severed in our toddlers’ pictures, we appreciate it.

You can sleep through Mayhem: Your kids have taught you how to practise the phrase, “Peace be still”. If you could sleep through their screams of ‘Moana’ songs, you sure can sleep through anything.

The School Runs Gang: You look forward to your kids starting school and when they do, you can’t believe all the work that goes into school runs. From preparation of the kids lunch, grooming, fees payment, to putting up plastic smiles at PTAs and dealing with an uncomfortable wig (The one you had to throw on because you were in a hurry).

We all are Alicia Keys: We are tired of putting on Make up. Not really!…but if we need to wear it everyday, can it come automated?….with a complimentary Masseuse. Thank you.

Over to you, Moms! What do you think becomes a norm as soon as you start handling (highly active) toddlers.

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  • Reply
    June 23, 2017 at 11:18 am

    lol! i can totally relate with this. too hilarious. The pain of stepping on a toy just goes directly to your brain, my goodness. this was a fun read.

    • Reply
      June 24, 2017 at 11:32 am

      You said it all. Straight to the brain!

  • Reply
    June 23, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Haha!!Love this.Just now sef I was pricing shoe from my sisters store and telling her I can’t wear 4 inches.That 2.5 will do.LOL!!I also dare not wear white plus every other thing you mentioned.However I’m very protective of my phone.It has a cracked screen because it fell from me.Another thing about that is many daddies experience this too-carrying cracked phone screens around because it fell from their child/children.
    Sleep also comes wherever and however you find rest.hehe!!

    • Reply
      June 24, 2017 at 11:31 am

      Hahaha. Daddies too?! I know their Dad is super protective of his phone. All their games and apps are in mine. So that automatically makes mine the bait.

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