15 Kinds Of People On Facebook

Facebook has  been the top most go-tos in the social media world. I remember when we all started new on this app, it seemed sweet that Mark Zuckerberg shared his great idea with us. This idea that has made long lost friends find each other again, some even found love here. Awww, how sweet!  Then, your page felt crispy clean with sane friends, sane posts and real people, but now it’s just not the same.The virtual world has created addicts, making them zombies in the real world. It’s mayhem here and the variety of characters is too numerous to mention but I’d name a few for fun sake. From hilarious to downright ugly, I present to you the Psychological classes of Facebook. LOL

1.The Narrators: So you bought those shoes…and then you wore them…and then you spotted dirt..and then you cleaned it…and then…Please! You wore nice shoes…POMKWEM! Sometimes it’s so sweet and engaging when they post such but sometimes we just say…..

narratorPeople have a lot of things to do. If you don’t assign such long stories to a specific page, a lot of people won’t read them.


2. The Pseudo- Motivationals: You post a very sexy picture of yourself then you tag it along with a bible passage from the book of Matthew. You also add a quote from Oprah, then add your own quote. All these ones for just one simple picture you want to upload.memefakemotivatinals I no know when you turn to motivational speaker. Just upload, let’s ‘Like’ the picture….Nexxxxt!


3. The Emotional Blackmailers: If I don’t type Amen or click Like, I’m inhumane? Really??!!memeblackmail


4. The Self Deluded Narcissist: These ones have got spiritual problem. They send you friend’s request, only for you to accept, then they expect you to start adoring them. They pride in self , even go as far as seeing themselves as superior to others. Now, that’s where the delusion comes to play. No be sickness be dat?memenarcissist
Grow up! The superiority complex you have spawns from inferiority complex. You need Jesus and a hug.


5. The Controversials: These ones are like the above but at least they interact. The only thing is they always want to stir up controversy. When people are talking right, just to be noticed, they talk left and even go off-point. They stir up arguments and always want to prove a point. They just can’t let it go. Midnight, you’d spot them typing on their keypads angrily.memefbargument

Yes, we have noticed you alright, but we noticed you for being uncouth. Stopeet! 


6. The Cynics: These ones just have a negative way of seeing things in people’s posts. They can’t just let things be but want to read meaning in everything. Even when one says hi to them, they read meaning. They read meaning also, if you don’t comment or like their page. Everyone who doesn’t ‘Like’ or comment on their post is a hater. In fact, they just pride in knowing they have haters. LOLmemedrama




7 . The News Updaters: No need to watch CNN, just visit their page. Updates about every single thing they do.




8 . The Desperados: These ones live for Likes and Comments. So much they ‘Like’ their own posts and be the first to comment. LOL. If that ain’t working. They repost.memedesperateforlikes



9 . The Abbreviators: IDKWPALT. You see what I just did there? I guess you were trying to figure that out. I was trying to say , I Don’t Know Why People Are Like This. When social media limited word characters, this was a habit but now you can write as much as you want. Please take out time to spell things out and spell them correctly. You think it’s cool but it actually looks tacky when u abbreviate so much and I think it’s disrespectful to some extent, example abbreviating to someone mourning. SFYL….What’s that?! memewatsdat

Stopeeet! Type, “Sorry for your loss”. See, you didn’t die.*No pun intended*


10. The Birthday Poppers: These ones don’t even know what is happening to any of their friends on Facebook. They just send a message on “friend’s” birthday and wish them well, which is very cool. But it’s not so cool wishing someone who’s dead a “Happy birthday, have a blast and pop champagne today”.memebirthdaypoppers

Hahhhh! Try and check on Facebook Friends from time to time so you give appropriate messages.



11. The Gamers: I’ve really suffered in this people’s hands because my name starts with an ‘A’, so I’m among the first people they see to invite. memegamerequest



12. The Generous Liker: Everything on your path, you click “Like”, sometimes you don’t read through. I like you! Keep up the fire. Just use your generosity and Like my Facebook page on my blog.memegenerous

Thank youuuu!



13. The Lurkers: These ones just come like ghosts and lurk around your page and start comparing lifestyle.memelurk

You go wound oh.



14. The Fun People: The realest people! You can feel their energy and realness from your computer screen.

Let’s dance joooor…..*music*

“It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone……It’s not unusual to have fun with anyone….”



15. Me/You: Yes, we are the ones pointing fingers and laughing at the ridiculousness on Facebook, yet we are part of this ridiculousness. We all exhibit a trait or more of the above. So, Just have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be real and Relax.

I hope I cracked you up today!…… OFFERINGGG TIMEEEE!


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  • Reply
    July 20, 2016 at 10:28 am

    Great write up

    • Reply
      July 20, 2016 at 11:13 am

      Thanks Paty

  • Reply
    July 20, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Hahaha very funny, Bubu..welldone!

    • Reply
      July 20, 2016 at 1:11 pm

      Thanks darl. Glad I cracked you up

  • Reply
    Precious @Precious Core
    July 20, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Hahahaha, those emotional blackmailers are so annoying. How do you help a sick child by typing Amen?
    Well written, Bubu. I loooove your blog!

    • Reply
      July 20, 2016 at 5:19 pm

      Awwww Prescious! You rock! Thanks for visiting. *hugssss*

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