20 Practical Father’s Day Gift Guide

Yes, the 3rd Sunday of June is around the corner marking the annual Father’s day celebration. That means kids are scheming, wives are snooping , trying to figure out the best gift for ‘Daddy’. Well, some just don’t bother. But we really need to take out time and make our Dads feel pretty special. Remember, your dad is your first love before you started spoiling and knowing man. I would have posted this earlier this week but I had to do proper research, asking Dads between 30 years old to 60 years plus, what gifts they would really appreciate from their partners, kids and loved ones besides ‘boxers and singlets’. I got quite a list but I narrowed it to 20 items. You all know, getting a gift for a guy is damn hard ‘cos their quality stuff is quite expensive and you really don’t have so much options unlike shopping for women. Women fall for the smallest, sweetest things and be sure that she wouldn’t mind another shade of an item you just got her. See, we are not so complicated and hard to please. *batting lashes*.

Ways to choose a gift for your man, is trying to find out what he needs at the moment, what fits his personality(and not yours), his age, his job, hobbies or routines.

Now about this list. It is aimed to have affordable items ranging from 2,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira. Some may be a bit stretched out of the range but be sure not to find designer shoes, watches and Ferrari here. They are waaay up high. This list is in no particular order and covers all age range. So let’s begin.

  1. Beats by Dre: Get him the best earphones if he loves his music listened to quietly. Mostly for young dads. Price range 20k plusbeats by dre
  2. Armani code for men: I’ve personally used the one for women and it remains one of my favorite. This was suggested by some men and I can imagine it would live up to expectation. Note that this is just a guide, you can absolutely buy any kind of perfume you want.armani code
  3. Backpack: A quality backpack, especially leather would make a dude take it everywhere, especially if he is an IT person. Great for your laptop, documents and personal effects. This below, is made by COACH and it is above the 15k range because it is pure leather and ‘dizainas’ but you can get less and still look this good. Just holler at that your customer at Balogun market.backpack
  4. Gold Stethoscope: Make his profession look classier than it already is. For the medics, this is for you. Outside the 15k range but worth the stethoscope
  5. Playstation games:  Is your man a teenager at heart? The most recent and topping the chart, ‘Uncharted 4: The thief’s end’ is a must-have. An action- adventure video game.uncharted-4 may 10 game
  6. Neck ties: This should have joined the boxers and singlets category but you just can’t help the beautiful variety, so it stays. Get what complements him best.ties platinum
  7. Cufflinks: This has got variety too. Has a wide price range, so just go get what’s best.cufflinks
  8. Golden Classic Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses: Nothing speaks class like these. Slightly out of the 15k range but worth it.rayban aviators classic gold
  9. Belts: Quality is key. Always choose quality over ‘over-the-top’ looking belts.belt levi
  10. Wallets: Quality place for his money.wallets
  11. Braun shaver kit: This is super quality for those who want nothing but the best. It’s the series 3 shaver from braun. There are higher series but waaaay expensive, as if no be same biabia you go still shave. This series 3 is a stretch out of the 15k budget but there are budget-fit shaving kit with other brands.4-Braun-Series-3-3050cc-grey-packaging
  12. Baseball cap: Every man needs one. Whether stylish or cap
  13. Sandals: A.k.a” Pam sandals”. Wonder why it’s called that. But it’s really stylish for the Naija attire. Quality is key and it has a wide price range. So the choice is yours. Great for young and old dads.pam sandals
  14. A collection of ” Mind your language” Series : This funny British comedy 70s’ Series will take your dad back in time and crack his ribs.mind-your-language-complete-collection-r2-front-cover-90350
  15. Davidoff Cool Water Perfume for men: I know I’ve listed perfume for men but if you need a classic note, Cool Water is a way to go. Dads in their 60s plus years, will appreciate this scent. It is classic yet fresh. davidoff coolwater
  16. Hawaiian Shirts : Stylish statements for the older dads. Pair it with a pair of Khaki shorts or pants. Giving them the relaxed, old- money look.hawaiian
  17. Dashiki: It’s trending right now. Don’t leave him out, young or old.dashiki
  18. His Favourite brand of red wine: Good for old dad. Watch him tell you all your major eff-ups  as he gets under the influence. LOLred_wine5
  19. Get him something Ethnic: There is a wide range to get from this family. Old souls love being and looking ethnic.You have the Red Ibo cap, Traditional beads, Traditional studs, Bowler hats, The bonny-man cap, Isi-agu attire for the Ibos, walking sticks etc. Here are some pictures to get you inspired.tradwearattireisiagu2ROYALTY-AND-DAP-06-DR-SAM-JAJA-DR-DAP-AND-KING-BONNY-800x533
  20. A personalized Item: Nothing speaks special like a personalized item or a “best dad” item. It could be a mug, a key holder etc. You can get special mugs in gift shops. You can also go all the way and make a special print. Done at any print shop.
  21. despicable-me-minions-worlds-best-dad-gift-mug-size-11oz-father-day-[2]-3093-pI said 20 abi, but Naija setting won’t be complete if Raw cash is not mentioned. Put some money in that brown envelope and give “Daddy”. He deserves it jooor! Like I said, this is just a guide. You can get anything else within your means. These gifts are fit for other special days other than Father’s day. I hope you now  have gift ideas for his birthday and more. Offering Timeeeee!!!…..

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  • Reply
    June 16, 2016 at 11:10 am

    All great fav is 20 though..personal touch makes any gift extra special..all most all the other items call also be personalised or engraved. Sometimes they have all these stuff already or you just gave them these for a diff ocassion( val or christmas bday etc). May all so add number 22 Tickets you can gift him a ticket to go see something he loves(alone or with his buddy) . e.g Ticket to see his favourite musician,comedy show, live football match, movie at cinema etc.Guys love a me time to and a beautiful memory is something that will last longer than any gift. And number 23.Gift voucher :a gift voucher for him to do something he loves or something he has always wanted to do(like boat ride,drive a nice car, weekend trip to a different city), a gift voucher for a 3 or 5course meal at a nice restaurant or even a day at a spa.It might be new for him,he might hesitate…but trust me, he’ll thank you later and he’ll never forget it!

    • Reply
      June 16, 2016 at 11:35 am

      Bull’s eye!-Tickets and vouchers! Thanks a lot for your lovely contribution.

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