3 Things You Should Let Go This 2017

First of all, let me wish you a merry Christmas in advance and also say a big thank you to everyone of you who took out time to wish I and my hubby well on our Anniversary. I thought I could snap back and just post blog topics as usual but 3 days later came my daughter’s birthday as she turned 4. December is a month that goes on with celebrations in my household, so I just had to get sucked in with the activities. Thank you so much.

Well, right about now, in this Yuletide spirit, if you are lucky enough to have travelled to your villages or your countryside and you are still blessed to have an uninterrupted internet, you must have seen a trend especially on Facebook, saying, “…..this habit must end in 2017”. For example, “I have a business I’m about to kickstart but I’ve got just half of the money, please give me half….(and you tell 10 people this), this corporate begging must end this 2017”. There are other hilarious examples. Well, if you’ve not seen that trend that means your Facebook friends ain’t fun. Lol. Anyway, it drew my attention to something more serious and this is from a personal point of view. There are things one needs to discontinue this year to get a better result next year. Sometimes, it’s not the village ogbanje that is doing us, sometimes you are the cause of your own problem. I don’t know about you but there’s something about 2018 that looks promising for me. I’ve never had great inkling about a year to come like the one I’m having now. A lot of people even feel this way. It could be the ‘new year-new me’ fever OR it could be something really good and different. So I told myself there are things that have to change to yield better results. You can’t just sit and hope things become better. Here are some things I think people need to come to terms with and just toss out this 2017. Let’s go!!!

Excuses!: You do not have any excuse whatsoever in this life. If you set your mind on something, a goal, a project etc, let excuses not set the pace on how you would run things. You being ‘realistic’ cripples you to thinking only about your power. There is a greater power that handles your affairs. He said, “show me the works of your hands and I will bless them”. Show Him something. That thing that looks impossible can be done. Believe me!You’ve got Faith? Ok…how about Works? Faith without works is dead. Don’t just dream, enforce it. Age, Distance, Financial constraint or any circumstance surmounting those plans of yours are a facade. Go ahead and do your thing.

Sense of Entitlement : If I had a dollar  for everytime people used the word “haters” this year, I’d be sailing on a platinum built yacht. Everyone feels there are ‘haters’ towards them. Maybe having  ‘haters’ is a prerequisite for being successful by this generation-Z thinking. Some have not even embarked on a project, they have already perceived and ranted about ‘haters’ of the project. Some are ‘haters’ of your lifestyle. While it’s true that there are actually envious people lurking, Do you need to give them that attention or power? After that rant, Do you know you are the one who wasted your data ranting…while they keep doing their thing? Besides, this people just might not have your time. Move on and stop ranting. You are picky about who likes and who doesn’t like your posts, who doesn’t support your business, who doesn’t do this and that. These people owe you nothing. Just like you don’t owe them anything. If you have a deep feeling they consciously don’t support you or patronize you, then send them a gut-feeling message and clear the air. If you feel it’s about disdain, block them. You need positive vibes around you only. Seeing and crying about the negatives would only drain you and leave you with negative vibes, instead focus on those who uplift you. That way you invite positive vibes. Sometimes, who you call a ‘hater’ actually doesn’t even have your time, not out of envy; they actually are busy doing their thing. For those who feel slighted that your friend’s life event was ‘hidden’ from you, don’t feel entitled. People have their lives and have choices they want to go by. That she didn’t tell you she was getting married or she’s pregnant or she landed a job, doesn’t make her apprehensive of you, she just might want to keep things to herself. Do not feel entitled. Spirit of entitlement, flee this 2017!

Your Big Friend Circle: Downsize! You just have to. You get mature with age. If at this time of  life, you’re still clamouring for Facebook friends, adding people just to get a higher number, then the village Ogbanjes are after you. Except it’s for business purpose, you have no business being friends with people you have no clue on how they ‘friended’ you on Facebook. If they never added value whatsoever but only contributed in more “likes”, CUT THEM OFF. Start vetting and streamlining your list. They don’t chat to you….they don’t resonate well with you….they could be damn insultive in comments, you can’t remember them……DELETE!  Same with real people. Your childhood sweetheart must not be your BFF in your 30s. Life happens and you can have a respectful friendship but trying to match clothes, keep up appearances, attend occasions together etc are totally needless. A waste of your time and fuel. So you heard it, that’s all I need to say. 1st January is like any other day. It’s just that it’s been marked to start anew so make use of it. Merry Christmas, my darlings.


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