6 Home Improvement Tips For The Holiday Season

The festive season is something we all look forward to. From the smell of the harmattan breeze or the first sight of snowfall, the gifts, the family get-together to the shopping sprees. A lot of people go shopping and fill up the malls from sunrise to sunset. While some don’t really make a big deal out of it. One thing is common though, there is always a contagious feel-good effect that comes with Christmas. So if you don’t want to get caught up in all the razzmataz but want to feel the festivities at home, here are some simple or not-so-simple home improvements that can get those Christmas butterflies floating in your tummy. Let’s call it the holiday mini-makeover.

  1. Re-arrange your furniture: This trick makes it possible to make your home give a new vibe. If you can, change your curtains and throw pillows too to warm inviting colors. Greens(cool), whites and burnt Oranges are welcoming. You’d feel new and pumped for the holiday.
  2. Renew pictures in photo frames: Okay, now you got to let go of that photo you took when Nokia 3310 was visibly hanging off your belt as your swag code. Refresh your picture frames with fresher happy and memorable moments. That will spark up a little sum’in sum’in for you.
  3. A Christmas tree won’t hurt: This is the game changer. There’s nothing more Christmas-sy than having a Christmas tree. There are lots of options in terms of size, type etc. Get the perfect size and decorate with Christmas Lightings. Drape them down curtains, table tops, console tops and ofcourse on your Christmas tree.
  4. A paint makeover: If you have the time and money, then do this. It will give you a sense of a new home. Besides, Christmas is when you get most of visitors. It will be great to have them come into an updated house.
  5. Go for welcoming scents: Invest in a little pack of Pot-pourri and scented oils. Most people would go for Lavender because of its signature crisp clean air scent but my favourite is Magnolia. There’s something much more inviting about Magnolia. You should try it and let me know what you think.
  6. Recreate childhood Memories: Most times, if you ask anyone, they say their best Christmas was as a child. So why not try recreating those memories? You can stock up on your favourite Christmas carols that can play subtly through your surround system. You can bring an important piece of furniture or art that reminds you of your childhood. You can invite Mama to cook that signature dish that got the whole house smelling like Christmas. In my case, it’s Goat meat stew. These can all be recreated. And you’d feel Christmas even if you don’t step a foot outside your house…..but you should.

Tis’ the season of rejoicing, so be merry and get shifting those furniture.


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