“90s’ Music Is The Best Music”: Fact Or Sentiment?

Oh dear! Just thinking about 90s’ Music alone can give me butterflies in my tummy. How can I get over Wyclef’s “Anything can happen” song? I was doing some chores when one of Nigeria’s radio station started playing ‘Ghetto Superstar’ by Mia and Ol’ dirty Bastard. (These names though. smh). I just abandoned the chore and started singing and dancing to the song. It brought back fond memories and I started recalling some beautiful 90s’ songs. I looked at one of my nephews  who was there with me and gushed about how the 90s’ was the best era in music. He obviously didn’t think the same ‘cos he just gave me a plastic smile and couldn’t wait to hear a current song he knows flow out of the speakers. And when that time came, he didn’t hesitate to sing along and do the ‘hit dem folks’ dance move (Trending amongst teenagers). I saw how his eyes lit and I had to consciously put myself in his world and feel his kind of music. I loved the rhythm but not like the 90s’. So I asked myself. Everyone gushes about the 90s’ music but could it be factual or out of sentiments? The 90s’ Music shaped our teenage years(for those in my age range) so that’s what we listened to 99% of the time. Learning lyrics, even miming… Okay that was me(with the sunshades)after miming Aaliyah’s “Are you that somebody?”. An afterthought: Uh buoyyy! There goes my political career.?.We didn’t have boys in our Secondary school and we needed male choreographers. Yours truly had to step in, alongside others . I’ve also heard our parents age group gush about 70s’ music and the lifestyle that came with it and I’m like….. Well, with the exception of “The Beatles”. Probably their own sentiment.

I’ve seen and heard people argue this out very often. I think the 90s’ was the last decade of crispy clean vocals and good music. It trickled into the millennial era but kinda’ stopped in 2002-ish . After that, every crispy clean singer’s records could only be purchased at special stores ‘coz every CD vendor would hand you only songs that sounded more millennial. Ok, the word I was looking for is “Crunk music”. I think it just changed everything. Remember Lil’ Jon and how he would growl from beginning to end of any artiste’s song, especially on Ciara’s songs. They sounded good though but I think that’s when we started morphing to a whole new style. Then came T-Pain with his mega autotune style and we kissed the 90s goodbye. These new sounds were dope but in retrospect, the 90s’ captured my heart. From pristine voices of Whitney and Celine Dion, bone-chilling harmonies of Boyz II Men, song narratives of R kelly(The dude can narrate a whole Empire series in his songs?), to real hip-hop music from Snoop Dog, Dr Dre, Warren G and even uniquely rapping Bone thugs n’ Harmony. Okay, I think I’ve lost some of you there but some who know these people will totally understand. We’re in an era where teenagers now call these, ‘Old skool’ and I am horrified that times have changed so much. In the Nigerian music industry, I think the rhythm is getting better with time but the jargon said are way too much. Who remembers how calming listening to Platashun Boiz was? Any way this might just be pure sentiment but I feel this generation of teenagers would never know what good music feels like. All I’m seeing now is making funny faces and making a video go viral. *thinking Panda*. Oh what do I know? Are these sentiments or Facts? Please say it at the comment session. Well, in my sentiments, go down memory lane with these pictures. Name the group and if you can name them individually, go for it.D’uh! The name is already there so say their individual names.
What songs from these groups thrill you the most?

How about this? Oh yes, before there was Sasha-fierce Beyoncè, there was Destiny’s child. Can’t believe these kids look at me oddly saying this. Chai! Okay, to you music lover, name the original Destiny’s Child’s members.

Then this,Which finally was left as a trio! 20 marks for that. Somebody growling out there, saying “na Mark we go chop, abeg do give away”. Hahaha


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  • Reply
    January 20, 2017 at 1:37 am

    You really did justice to this. Clearly, my bias is towards music of the 90s. There was more feeling in the music then. It had everything and then some. The variations in style made that era the most compelling. Music now, for me, is still good, but I’m no longer as invested in it like before. Ps: was it ‘Crunk music’ you were trying to say? Nice blog, by the way.

    • Reply
      January 20, 2017 at 10:39 am

      I totally get you. About that error,it was from my predictive text mode.I meant crunk music. I corrected it as soon as I noticed. Thanks for noticing all the same. Thanks, keep visiting Max!

  • Reply
    January 20, 2017 at 6:51 am

    TLC: T boz, left eye and Chilli
    Fugees: wyclef, praz, Lauryn hill
    Spice girls: Mel B, Mel C, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice, ?

    • Reply
      January 20, 2017 at 10:41 am

      You sabi book weh weh!….’Baby Spice’ is what you left out.

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