A Thousand And One Reasons She Doesn’t Pick Your Calls

Are you frustrated with your wife not answering phone calls?

Are you wondering why women ever bother to own a ‘handset’? To you, they just sit there and stare at their phone screen but in a woman’s world, especially a mom’s, there’s so much that happens behind the scene.

‘She’ stands for most women. Many years ago, when the mobile phone was born. It seems some(emphasis on ‘some’) women swore to the ancient gods that they’d rather lock that phone somewhere, than take it wherever they go. Years have gone by and we’ve continued that trend. Isn’t it ironic, how the female folk found a way of using the best smartphones but one thing I’ve heard over and over again are accusations of women not picking their phones. We are always greeted with a “You know they call it a ‘handset’ for a reason” guilt talk. Especially, whenever we miss those 76 calls. I remember my Mom complain bitterly of how her Mom wouldn’t pick her calls on her unique colored Nokia 3310. Years later, we all started complaining on how my Mom hardly picks her calls. My Dad would complain so bad, that I thought he was overreacting. Not until I also noticed that trend. That quickly changed the way I filled emergency contact forms. I know Mom will be busy frying chicken and buzzing the blender if an emergency call came through. As wisdom is profitable to direct, I usually don’t put hers when an emergency contact is needed. I’m sorry to say but I think I’ve caught the bug. As now my hubby, Parents, and friends say I hardly pick my calls. Coincidentally, two of my friends confessed to being in same shoes as me.

Ever since I became a Mom, my life changed. It’s pretty straight forward when you are single and strapped to your phone, that not picking someone’s call mostly translates to you not wanting to be bothered by that particular caller. Well, it’s not so black and white for Moms and geriatrics. Here’s why:

  • Silent Mode’ is Golden: Most Moms would agree that the whinning and screaming of kids can drive you crazy. The last thing you want to hear is your ringtone except you are truly expecting an important call from Multichoice to come and take Efe’s place. Most times you turn on the silent mode to have that peace and quiet. Then you get used to it not heralding every Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter notification(which is a good thing). Consequently, calls have to be missed in such situations.
  • The phone is in a purse…in another purse…in another purse…in another purse: Very self explanatory. Why some of the women folk do this, I’ll never know. The older ladies do this. Please forgive us.
  • Hiding your phone from toddlers and forgeting where you hid it: Toddlers decide they need to play Fruit Ninja on your phone. They ditch every kind of toy you get for them and prefer Mom’s phone. While trying to run from this situation, we miss your calls.
  • Driving: D’uh!…from the grocery store, from school, from work, from ballet classes, from a friend’s wedding, the list is endless.
  • Shit…literally happens: Yes, that call must have come exactly when the baby’s poop is about to settle on the floor, in the midst of the screaming and chaos. So what should we attend to first? The apocalypse or your call? Your guess is as good as mine.

So on behalf of the Wives, Moms, Young Sisis, Old Sisis, I apologise for this trend that won’t go away, especially when our men are the victims here. So this is the truth!

*music keys in*

Ajekun Iya ni oje (2×)

Cbdjjevjakvcsjskn (whatever was said)

Ajekun Iya ni oje!


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  • Reply
    Desire Uba
    May 27, 2017 at 9:22 am

    This genuinely made me laugh a lot.
    Well, as a young lady in her 20s, I still find it hard to answer my phone. I am always dropping it somewhere sha.
    Really nice article!!

    • Reply
      May 28, 2017 at 9:10 am

      Lol. Thanks dear. Quite an issue.Lol. Thanks for stopping by

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