Hello! How are you today? You sure have arrived at Bubu’s Boulevard.

I’m Bubu. Your host! I’m just the girl next door. I am a Nigerian.I have recently moved from Saudi Arabia to St. George’s, Grenada, getting adapted to the Caribbean lifestyle (I’m soooo not complaining at all). A wife and a mom to two great kids. A graduate in Human Physiology but followed my passion for media hence worked with some reputable media houses. Here are some cool and quirky facts about me:

  • I love writing,making music,traveling and just being happy.
  • I have a fetish for home decors and full hairdos.*wink*. I’m a sitcom addict.
  • Can’t keep up with new TV series, still loyal to binge-watching old series;  Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. I am a big fan of Black-ish and African-American sitcoms.
  • I’d choose wedged sneakers over stilettos, any day.
  • I love Red. I can’t have too much of red. Fierrccce!
  • Wishing upon a star to meet Oprah, be a talk show host and  probably be a media mogul. While I’m still wishing and working towards that, let me let this little light of mine shine .
  • Above all these, I  honestly strive to be closer to God and I’m such a life enthusiast.

Why I named my Blog? : Bubu’s Boulevard? ‘Boulevard’ is a wide street in a city. A thoroughfare of sorts. You can learn about people’s culture, behavior, habits etc by just standing in a Boulevard. Hence, Bubu’s Boulevard is a lifestyle blog reflecting a wide street of all the things I love, do and talk about.





Bubu’s Boulevard is a ‘naija-centric‘ yet cosmopolitan lifestyle blog highlighting a vista of topics ranging from beauty, style and lifestyle, to real life issues, inspirational stories, news, entertainment and yes, that non-technical part of sports that most women do love *whipping my wig* . This is a reflection of me, my thoughts, my opinions on things I love to do and talk about. Hence a lot of love, hard work and cups of sunshine have been put into it.

The aim of this blog is to inform, educate, entertain and focus on tackling the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of life. You know, life is so tedious. From one yeye ‘i-can-drive’ driver almost hitting your car, to PHCN’s no-light bonanza, to kids screaming and kicking, don’t you just want to take a break from all that and learn something valuable and fun? Yes! This is the spot for it. If I end up making you smile or gain something valuable, Harllerluryar!, that’s all that matters. If I don’t, oh well, still visit next time.

As this is my vocation, I hope to keep to my word and be consistent as much as I can cos I have days when Mummy duties can be overwhelming, even days when I literally fight off my kids from the PC’s keyboard. Days like that, we could all just hold hands and sing ‘kumbaya’ on my behalf. LOL. Anyway, If you have got newsworthy articles you would like to share here, don’t hesitate to contact me. It will be shared and credited to your name. Great advice and constructive criticisms are also welcome. Negative comments, especially under the ‘Anonymous’ gang are highly prohibited.

Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to visit. I hope it was worth it. Please do come again!



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