About The Weekend In Grenada:Sinach, Live In Concert

Happy Children’s Day to everyone. God bless the children of the world. Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White. They are precious in our sight!

Soooo, if you follow me on Instagram, you would know that Sinach was in Grenada, on Friday. I had bought my ticket, planned with a friend who knew the city very well. I looked forward to attending. This was going to be my first night event in yearssss. So, I was pretty excited. A chance to have a Moms Night Out. I have not attended a concert in like….10 years. The last I attended was me being a back-up singer for popular Port Harcourt-based gospel Minister, Ebiere Ekiye Ohochukwu, after that it’s been one milestone to the other making me unavailable. So when I heard Sinach was coming to Grenada, though I didn’t get a chance to attend any of hers in Nigeria, I was super excited knowing my Nigerian sister was coming in as a superstar! All that excitement got crushed when 15 minutes to the time we were to leave, my friend called that there had been an emergency. Her son fell and cut his finger and needed stitching at the hospital. Being empathic, I just declined going and decided to do a family outing with my kids. Hubby, who was excited I wasn’t going anymore (he thought of the mayhem he was to face with the kids), decided to take us all out. By the time we were done and arrived home, there was my friend waiting at my house to take me to the concert. Her son was okay and was being cared for by her husband. My kids were already asleep at this time, so I just slipped them into their PJs, tucked them in and off we went. I thought to myself, it was a perfect timing cos Daddy didn’t need to face mayhem anymore with the kids and I didn’t have to feel guilty leaving them behind to have a little fun.

We arrived there and I couldn’t believe the crowd that showed up. We enjoyed some good music from the local choir. At one performance, I’m super sure, they were calling ‘Buhari’ in the song?The stadium was filled up to the field. These Grenadians knew Sinach’s songs, I mean…all her songs more than I did. Oh Lord, I was in awe when she stepped out and the crowd went ballistic. Nwannem! People were falling and fainting. I started getting confused whether they were falling under the anointing or they were so star-struck. I even had to ask one lady why they were falling. One lady, cried the whole time while her friend held her in a Heimlich Manoeuvre position just to restrain her from losing it. I appreciated Sinach even more. I jumped and hopped and danced to her fast-paced songs like a teenager let loose. I also got lost in her worship songs too. She has a presence, I tell ya! I loved her posture, her look and how she carried herself on stage. Yeah, I’m going to sound technical ‘cos I’m into music too. Asides the anointing, I saw why people raved about her. Oh Lord! I wished for that spot she was at, as I watched her in admiration. I missed being on stage. I missed the lights, the speakers, the Mics and Mic stands, the composure, the crowd feedback,… everything! Ever had that one dream, that you just gave up on because you thought it wasn’t realistic anymore probably because of the system, fixed focus on family, circumstances etc. For me, being a Music artiste/Minister was that dream. It’s something, I can go on and on without being paid cos it’s my happy place. Well, enough about me. Let’s go back to the concert. Woohooo! I was indeed a teenager that night, I lost my voice to puberty,I mean, to screaming. I was just 7 feet away from the stage, so I was pretty close up and pumped up. She did an altar call. Lots of people gave their lives to Christ but I’m pretty sure, some of them did so, hoping the new believers would be called to the fore to say a prayer with her. Well, that didn’t happen.

It was a successful concert. I heard some Grenadians testify that it was the best. I have to applaud the sound and lighting team. It was just perfect. The crispy clear production could have just been mastered right away without even tweaking the sound. Yes, the sound was that good.

After she said goodbye, my friend and I decided to meet her backstage. After some few minutes of waiting, we finally got the chance to meet her. In my head, I had the perfect things to say to her. So much to say. In reality, ain’t nobody gat time fo’ dat! Just say hi and take that selfie. Guess what, at the time of the selfie-taking, my battery was just 6%. Y’all know most smartphones won’t let you take a picture once it goes into 5%. My brethrens and my sistrens, the village juju was already dancing skelewu in a two-piece bikini but my God pass am.I took that selfie and just after that shot, it got to 5%. Somebothy shout Harllerluryar! 


Fun facts: My friend is quite a character. She made it more exciting by:

  • Doing the Hausa chant. That thing was sooooo loud and disturbed ears. Screaming “I don die ooo” and all sorts of Naija tongue. People gave her some space anytime she did it. That’s how we went from backline to the front of stage.???
  • Screaming “Osinachi” and speaking Igbo. How can a middle belt lady speak Igbo without a hitch? Oh yes, that singular act was our gate-pass back stage ‘cos Sinach wasn’t going to see people after performance, she needed to rest. But hey, we met her!
  • She expected me to use my 6% battery to take them a personal selfie and not take mine first. You see dis life??

God bless Sinach. Such a graceful woman. She’s touring the Caribbean. She will be live in Barbados today. Follow me on Instagram @bubu_green for the concert videos and more.

PS: For those saying I should start vlogging. I’m open to the idea. Infact, I’m beginning to see more reasons I should, though I was hesitant because of the work involved. Nwannem, the start-up camera does not have an easy price tag oh. So y’all be patient. I am open to accepting gifts like Canon 50D and its likes?. You can bless us as Bubu’s Boulevard turns One in 3 days. If you don’t want to, then keep patronising us and paying for sponsored posts. That way I can save and buy one.I luh ya!???


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  • Reply
    Beke Afashimana
    May 28, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Ok oooo u don see middle belt speak igbo nah. It was fun with u babes ???

    • Reply
      May 29, 2017 at 3:32 pm

      Yes. Now I know nothing is impossible.

  • Reply
    May 31, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Lol at your village juju dancing skelewu in bikini!
    I was going to ask too if those people were falling because they were star-struck or it was due to the anointing.
    I love you determination in getting that selfie!
    Girl, you are ambitious oo. Canon 50D? Go gerrit!

    • Reply
      June 1, 2017 at 12:36 pm

      Lol…My dear.Let me aim high so if I don’t get it, at least I will get something close. Thanks for stopping by

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