Air Travel: Tips for flying with a toddler or infant

A mother’s life doesn’t have to be at a full halt when she has her babies. It’s been proven that most women try as much as possible to avoid all sorts of traveling while nursing their young but it shouldn’t be that way. My focus today is air travel. My first experience as a new mom, traveling with my daughter who was just 4 months old then was so scary. I was restless. I browsed everything on traveling with a child etc but when the practical part came, I was as confused as a deer in the headlights. At one point, she cried so loud after feeding her and everybody in the plane became concerned. I was in absolute panic, tossing her shoes left, right, center. You could see that some passengers had sole pity for me while some gave me the “you are disturbing us” look. Anyway, we found out that the root cause of her scream was that she pooped so much it ran under her vest to her back. I didn’t realize early enough because she had thick clothing on.

Well, I became more experienced as we traveled together more frequently. Not only did I know ways to travel with one, but with two (2 year old toddler and 5 months old baby). The best tactic is getting help and a companion but let’s admit, Daddy’s help sometimes equates to no help at all. LOL. Love you, boo!

Here are some helpful tips to help you have a less dramatic flight as much as possible:


  • When booking your flight, make sure you ask the attendant  if front row seats are available. If you are flying Economy, the front row has free space for your feet and a space to fit in a bassinet by the crew. If they don’t you can book any seat and hope that there are free seats so you can place your baby down to sleep or rest. Your toddler has a seat if he/she is from 2 years old.
  • Be happy: Just have a good countenance and things will spiral well for you. If you do otherwise, trust me, you would be irritated and happy
  • Check in early. It saves you a lot of stress with luggage issues. Make sure you find out the baggage weight limit so that you don’t pack excessively. If you do, you might need to take out some stuff, redistribute the weight which can be stressful with a baby, especially if you don’t want to pay excess luggage charges.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You don’t want to start removing layers of clothes, unbuckling shoes and removing jewelry at the security. Flat ballerina shoes are best. You can afford to do without jewelry or tuck it safely until all the hassles of checking in is over .
  • Free your hands, you will need them. Instead of carrying your baby in your arms, snug him up in a baby carrier. I use giggles baby carrier. Though you’d have the stress of taking it off and on at security check points, it gives you the free hands to multi-task. In my case, to help hold my toddler too. Strollers are recommended, but personally I don’t use them ‘cos I feel it slows me down at check points. If you are using them, make sure you get a light and easy-to-fold stroller. It will be taken from you as soon as you board the plane and be given to you as soon as you land on the tarmac.WP_20160612_19_41_58_Pro                                                                           MY RELIABLE BABY CARRIER
  • Pack your diaper bags wisely. I personally love the backpack for traveling, for easy carrying and easy manouevre  on the aisle on board. Keep your passports, tickets, phones etc at an easy-to-reach compartment since you’ll be needing it often. Pack loads of snacks, baby food, diapers, baby cosmetics in different zip-lock bags each so you don’t have difficulty bringing each out. Pack warm clothes and two extra pairs of clothes and one pair for you, should accidents happen. Coloring books and little toys to distract your toddler. Babies seem to sleep more on board.


  • Fasten your baby’s seat belt to yours. The crew would help you if you can’t.
  • At take off and landing, make your baby suck on your breast or bottle to prevent ear pain as altitude changes. If they are still in pain. Give them the right dose of tylenol/ panadol to ease the pain.
  • If fuzzy, carry them and do a little walk inside the free area. Feed or bribe your baby/toddler with treats.
  • Diaper time: If he poops, take him to the convenience. There is a pull-out board to place him. I carry my diaper change mat to place on the board. You don’t know the yama yama living on that board, no matter how clean it looks.
  • Sleeping baby? Ask an attendant for a bassinet to place your sleeping baby in. They’d fix it and remove it when about to land. If there is none, look for free seats and place your baby to sleep, while you sit beside him.bassinet                                                                             BASSINET ON BOARD
  • Never be afraid to ask for help. People are willing to help you contrary to what you think. High chance is that they’ve once been in your shoes.
  • Ignore the bad eyes looking at you as your baby screams his lungs out. Some other babies on board could disturb you too when your baby is sleeping. So best thing is respect yasef. If you are like me,when I have the strength, I like to give the bad-looker a hard stare too. I even have a smirk on my face when doing it. LOL. They get uncomfortable and turn away their face quickly. But I’m rarely in such position.
  • Finally, you touch down. Harllerluryar!!! You made it! Now go and look for 50cl Sprite and drink.sprite


If you have more tips I’m leaving out, please say it at the comments section. Don’t forget to Like our Facebook page.

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    June 25, 2016 at 2:47 am

    Weldone Bubu!!! Traveling with kids is not easy. Babies are even easier to handle than toddlers. One very good tip is to have nursery rhymes recorded in your phone or ipad to distract them…my favorite tip is the last….hehehe cos you need that drink!

    • Reply
      June 25, 2016 at 10:51 am

      Hey Somhi! So good to hear from you. You are absolutely correct. That drink, absolutely needed. I always reward myself after such task

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