An Underestimated Power: Paying Attention To Detail

I have had this topic on my mind for a while now, so I need to share. There are things we take for granted, attention to detail is one of them. Paying attention to detail(s) can be defined as being thorough, being deliberate and though it might rub others the wrong way, it’s being a ‘perfectionist’. In here lies Excellence. I have studied that a great management commendation given to a business firm, a home or a person lies in how much they pay attention to detail. Example, What’s the difference between a 2 star hotel and a 5 star hotel? They could have same 800sqm room but a 5 star hotel would style that same size of room to make it breathtaking. It could be strategically sited to have a sea view, have bedsheets made of pure linen, a tray of chocolate, the scent of Lavendar, sound insulation and more, crafted to guarantee a sound sleep. This excellent layout guarantees great spending. Sometimes 10 times more expensive than that of its 2 star contenders. I look around, both home and abroad and I see the touch of Excellence is lacking in one way or the other. I also know that people are willing to pay for excellence. Excellence is not an abstract concept. It is not an alien from space. It is simply achieved by paying attention to detail. In what ways have we not paid attention to detail? Here are some classic examples:

  • A Landlord who builds  a beautiful house and forgets to work on a perfect drainage system.
  • A lovely family house built only to have a bathroom that fits a size 6 person one at a time.
  • Going for an interview and not even investing time to do research on your potential employer.
  • Writing an exam without properly reading the instructions beforehand.
  • A website designer/editor who leaves a website still in construction when it is already visible for the world to see.(Imagine, opening a site and seeing the default “Ipsum Lorem” content.)
  • A hotel who wouldn’t have a simple bathroom mat to wipe feet after taking a shower.
  • This one is an ‘ouch’ for most people. Taking time to spell check your texts. Knowing there are huge differences between their/there, you’re/your, loose/lose, I’m/am, sit/seat. It could be an honest mistake when you misplace these pair with eachother, but when it’s not and it’s blatantly used, you’ve paid an expensive price of being a mediocre.

I can go on and on. Let me ask you. How well do you pay attention to detail(s)? Do you know you are doing yourself some disservice by not attending to those little things that could just make a difference? Excellence can only be birthed by these little things being deliberated upon. Not taking it for granted and dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. When this is achieved, people would pay excitingly for your service or product. That’s the difference between the roadside Buka (though they’ve got the tastiest meals) and the 5-star restaurant. Can you pay ‘Mama-put’ 5,000 Naira for a meal?…but you can pay that at a high-end restaurant. Not because they’ve got tastier meals (The ‘Buka‘ wins this battle) but because they think about the person having the meal. Meaning a lovely ambience, well conditioned room, the side napkins carefully folded into the form of Swans, the glistening cutlery (which most of it, you probably won’t use), the hot  towels,  the valet. All these and more are what you are paying for, not just the food alone. So are you wondering why Business A has it good and running while Business B doesn’t. Look carefully, it’s those little things that have been overlooked. Do yourself a great service to pay attention to detail. Do not feign excellence. It’s only a matter of time, the mediocre look would raise its ugly head. Be deliberate. Be thorough. Strive to be the best in everything you do. That’s the spirit of excellence. Have a great week, my people!


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