Are Nigerians Ever Bake-Friendly?

First of all, Happy New Month, guys! We are in Decemberrrrrr! I’m super pumped. There’s no snow nor  harmattan to remind me of the Christmas season here, however the school my daughter attends, held a Christmas Fair and I was so amazed how they made little things come together to create the Christmas spirit. From baked cookies, fudge brownies, cupcakes, pies to Christmas themed handcraft.Some of the crafts. The proceeds from the sale of these items are going to the residents in the area, so we were informed to make it all count, by sending in a home-made baked recipe, if possible. Anytime I see a mail like that requesting us to bake, I’d just ignore. Not because I don’t want to but  because I just think it doesn’t concern me.

When you ask the average Nigerian woman if she can cook.  She’d give you a distasteful look First before she tells you yes because it’s like an insult. Most of them boast arrogantly about their cooking skills but most Nigerian women don’t bake or consider baking as a method of cooking. In clear words, Yes, we would boil, steam, simmer, fry and grill up a storm but cannot bake to save a life. The only time ovens are used is when grilling a pseudo-‘bole‘, baking meatpie or making moin- moin. The hopeless ones use the oven to just store nylon bags, dry fish or used frying oil. A young African-American lady walked up to me at the grocery store and asked me the best oven baking pan for baking brownies. She must have seen my robust body and had thought, “this woman can bake the whole Betty Crocker recipes for Thanksgiving”. Poor thing didn’t know that wasn’t my forté but thanks to TV, all I knew was that she was holding a Lasagna foil pan, so I told her what she was holding wasn’t good for making brownies. Who knows, I must have nailed it on dishing that advice or must have been 100% wrong.

So at the Fair, the parents(mostly whites) kept trooping in with pies, Xmas-tree cookies and all sorts. I couldn’t be bothered, I was there to buy as my own contribution. Another Nigerian parent, on seeing the pies come in, asked if it was compulsory. No, it wasn’t but as Nigerians, we just don’t put so much thought into this baking thing. We see people who bake as those who’s got a special talent for baking and that’s why you’d be charged heavily for cake or other confectionery. One thing I know is, ask a Nigerian woman for a party recipe and we will bring in Jollof rice, fried rice, kpof-kpof, etc  but the chances of bringing pies, cookies and cakes are very slim. On the flipside, these Oyibos don’t joke with baking. They’d do a home-made bread if they could, everyday. Muffins, Apple pies, cookies are like no-brainers to them, meanwhile one expert Naija baker will charge an arm and a leg for these because we are just too lazy to embrace baking as a method of cooking. We sure learn everyday and I think one of my 2018 goals is to know how to bake all sorts. I’ve calculated how  much I could save by just learning how to bake a cake instead of ordering for one.

Anyway, I hope to make a Nigerian impact at my daughter’s school though. If they ever ask for dishes all over the world, I would grace their taste buds with tasty Ogbono soup with Okporoko. Their lives and breath will never remain the same again. *villain laughter*

Do you agree that the average Nigerian woman does not bake? Why is it so? Meanwhile, in the spirit of trying new things, I made ‘Mac and Cheese’ for my kids. Hay God! Let’s just say it ain’t happening again. Follow me on Instagram @bubus_boulevardblog to see some video clips from the Fair. I couldn’t get great pictures and clips because I was busy chasing after the kids but ermmm…just follow me and see the good things that will follow Happy New Month, everyone! H’am h’excited!

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  • Reply
    Madeline Wilson-Ojo
    December 3, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    Ha! I think you are right. I am not Nigerian, but I am married to a Nigerian man. He never asked me to bake anything because I guess he wasn’t expecting me to know how to. I did pleasantly surprise him the first time I made banana loaf though 🙂
    Have a wonderful festive period!

    • Reply
      December 5, 2017 at 12:06 am

      Lol. It is so typical of us not to expect one to bake. If they do, they already say you should be making money with it because it’s rare. I wish yiu you the same. Thanks for visiting

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