Are Zodiac Signs Real?

Hello lovelies! Happy Sunday! “What’s your sign?” That’s a typical pick up line for a potential date. I’ve always wondered what’s up with the zodiac signs and how (almost) accurate they describe a person but are zodiac signs real?

I grew up knowing I’m a ‘cancerian’. It scares me calling that name because it has ‘cancer’ in it. I knew about zodiac signs probably from when I was 5 or 6 years old. The newspaper’s Zodiac sign / Horoscope page was always lying separately from others because I think my parents were so into it. I knew my Mom was cancerian too. I also knew the zodiac signs of my dad and his brothers. I read the weekly horoscope and had no clue what they meant at that age.

Years later, as a teenager, it was a taboo to even speak about the zodiac signs in my house. My parents had become born-again Christians and called the zodiac signs, devilish. I immediately saw it as devilish and refrained from any book that showcases the horoscope.

Years later in the university, I met a couple of people who swore by it that it is real. I tried convincing them that it was devilish, well…cos Mom and Dad said so but at this point, I didn’t make much sense because I had not done any concrete research to back up my belief. I took out time to really read through the characteristics of each sign. It was always or almost 100% relatable to me or the person in mind I was checking for. This got me even more confused about how ‘real’ this thing was. For example, the cancerians are known for being homely, family- oriented, very emotional etc and that was me and my mom being described right there, ‘coz we actually share a lot of characteristics. A big point for believing in the horoscopes.

But let’s pump on the brakes here. Could it just be mere coincidence? Or could it be psychology? I’m beginning to think it could just be Psychology. This is why I say so: When you are told “This is your sign”, you subconsciously want to associate with it. When the characteristics of that sign is listed out to you, you subconsciously associate your activities, your thinking, your personality to align with the said characteristics. You even manipulate the faintest activity registered in your thoughts to confirm what ‘your sign’ says about you. Here’s an example: When they tell you your sign likes a lot of alone time. Your mind just picks out the  two scenarios only, in your whole lifetime that you craved to have an alone time. Then you start nodding your head in agreement that the sign is real. Another example is when the sign states the obvious, “You really love a tasty home-cooked meal”. D’uh! Who doesn’t love a tasty home-cooked meal? Or ” You are one who’d fight for your family”…I bet you, irrespective of signs, a woman will fight for her family in default mode. We were built that way. These are just a few examples but hey, it’s my opinion and I would really want to hear yours.

This same psychology is being played by some sites sometimes showcased via Facebook. Ever come across the site (I think). They have so many quizzes to work on your psyche. Examples: Who were you in your former life? What animal represents your personality? Who is your secret admirer? Most times when you play the last quiz, your secret admirer always is your husband or wife. This just makes it look so authentic and evoke validations of relationships that at least make us have a moment of “hmmmm, so my partner loves me so much, he secretly admires me”…Awwww! Drink up! Take advantage of that moment and pay him back in kind. Hahaha

The concept of the zodiac originated in Babylonian astrology (You now see why Christians term it devilish, anything with ‘Babylon’ in it, is a no-go for Christians. Don’t even taste that ‘Babylonian rice’, it’s devilish! We can soooo overdo things! *rolls eyes*) This astrology was later influenced by Hellenistic culture. According to astrology, celestial phenomena relate to human activity on the principle of “as above, so below”, so that the signs are held to represent characteristic modes of expression. Its dynamics are ruled by the moon and Sun and Elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth). In today’s world, the four astrological elements are also considered as a direct equivalent to personality types (sanguine = air; choleric = fire; melancholic = water; phlegmatic = earth)

Going by the books, zodiac signs have been and are still ruling perspectives . But how authentic are they? Are we just looking for validations of our personalities to blame on ‘our signs’? Example: “I have a quick temper. Don’t blame me, I’m a Taurus guy”

Are we just playing out subconsciously what ‘our signs’ tell us?

Is it coincidence that somehow every ‘sign mate’ share a lot of characteristics?

Or are zodiac signs really real?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this at the comments section.



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