Back-To- School Tips For Parents

Annnnd the new year fever has come to an end. How many pounds have you lost since January 1st? Talk true! Lol. All the “New year, New me” clan, I pray you still make necessary changes to effect such newness.

Anyway, it’s official, the school run has begun. That means the dreaded early mornings have come back. I chose a specific time to post this so many people can actually read this a day/night before. If you are new to this system, it’s good to have certain reminders. The old-moms can do just fine but it won’t hurt they learn a thing or two here.

  • Look out for stores who do Back-to-School sales: The back-to-School period is known for school supply stores selling, no matter the price but some stores take out time to do  discounts. You’d save a couple of tens and hundreds of you just stop by the stores having sales.
  • Prepare their school Outfits: Check for any wear and tear. Most times at the end of a school’s term, we just get relieved and forget about checking a little rip on their outfit, bags etc. Then when the new term resumes, you realize you didn’t fix their accessories. So check your kids outfit and prepare each outfit of the day for them (if possible) for the week. This way, you’d save yourself prepping clothes every single day.
  • Meal prep: This should be familiar to you. You can either stick to how you’ve meal-prepped or switch it up a little. To make it more interesting, add some new food to the menu. Don’t be afraid to bake some things to add to your menu. Baked food are easy to eat on-the-go. It can easily be refrigerated too. You can jazz up their breakfast cereal with some berries if you’ve not been doing that. Although it’s a lot better to have fresh breakfast and lunch, if you are one who has a tight morning, cook in bulk and store in airtight containers in the freezer. When introducing new foods, be sure it’s already been tried before school day to avoid allergies.
  • Beating Traffic without Forgetting  Stuff: Another demon one faces during this time is traffic. Inasmuch as I’d wish every parent has flying powers on this one, all I’d say is leave the house early. To help with the ruckus of running down to the car and leaving things out, it’s best you take all school bags and outward-bound stuff to the car before leaving finally. If your kids are grown up, they can help with that. The worst thing is to beat traffic only to find out you left some important document while running out.
  • Get a Car bin: This would save you the mess, if you are in a hurry and the kids bring their meals to eat in the car. Even at pick up, they tend to litter stuff, a car bin would save you car-cleaning time.
  • Prep Your Car a night before: If you live in an environment where you need to wash your car daily, wash your car a night before and get it dust-proof  or snow proof with a cover (for those dealing with blizzards).
  • Shorten Bath-time: Your kids can slash bath-time into half if they can bathe as a pair. That’s also half the stress.

These are my personal tips and I thought I’d share. So what are your tried and true tips? Please share at the comment section below. We all need that extra second saved for ourselves.



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