Big girl, Big problem?: 12 ways to look two sizes slimmer

We’ve all been there. Well, some of us have. We start with a size 8 as we start our fashion journey, receive great admiration for looking good. Then your social life starts involving isiewu and diet coke every other day. The calories keep pounding. You try on your dress and it doesn’t fit but you don’t really mind as you go to the shop and get a size 10 dress. Still trying to fit in, you see another woman in the changing room, trying to squeeze herself into a size 18 dress. In your mind, you tell yourself, “That can’t be me. Will never get to that size”. You get pretty pumped up and register at a gym to lose some pounds, only to gain them back. Life happened, and you are now a size 18. Now there is a reunion of your old friends and you need a quick fix. Trying to avoid the inappropriate naija greeting, “Hey, long time! Is this you? You don fat ohhh“.I  guess, you’re thinking of a fast solution now. No! Don’t drink any concoction! Just relax. Epp haf com! With some wise outfit choices, you can look two sizes slimmer.

1. A good bra: First things, first! A good bra will always do justice to your overall appearance. Get your right size. Sizes can be confusing especially seeing your body change with every event but getting the right size is key. It shouldn’t be too tight to almost cut into your skin or be too loose that the straps keep falling off. Contrary to what a lot of us think, “packing the boobs” so much that it’s almost spilling out of your bra, is a fashion faux pas [foh-pah] a.k.a mistake. A good bra will “pack your breasteses” in an appropriate way. To learn more about getting the right size with your body type, click here.


2. Undergarments: Just like the bra, look for undergarments that are your size. This could be spanx, girdles, briefs etc. To avoid excess skin bulging and creation of ‘love handles’, go for boy-like briefs instead of tiny lingerie. They provide a good support to your ‘behind’. undergarments


3. Black…Black…and more Black!: You can’t over emphasize the effect of a black outfit on anyone. A black outfit is a classic wear. A must-have. It gives you a slender silhouette in seconds. Be it gowns, skirts, trousers and shirts. You can dare to wear all-black- everything and still look chic. Be careful though. It’s a thin line between looking chic and looking gloomy, when dealing with black. To make it more appealing wear a black ensemble with a pop of color in accessories.All black plus size outfit


4. Belt: A tiny belt will do you justice. It will produce that waistline that’s running away. Keyword is cinching effect.belt


5. Blazers/ Jackets: They have longitudinal seam lines which gives a slimming effect. Plus it covers a lot of love handles. It’s sad our Naija weather can be brain-smoldering but when it’s cold, take advantage of this look. It’s very classy. My absolute favorite.jacket


6. Wrap blouses/ dresses: This creates a slender silhouette because you wrap it according to your size and tie the ends which gives a cinching effect. Ladies, cinch..cinch…cinch! It produces that waistline instantly. The creator of the wrap dress is Diane Von Furstenberg, the Belgian-born American designer. She launched this style in the 70s’ , yet it’s still making waves to this day. That should tell you, it’s worth having in your closet.wrap dress


7. V- necklines: They draw attention to your neck , which takes attention away from trouble areas. It elongates your neck to your torso.vneck


8. Illusion dress: Gives you a great silhouette. Like the name implies, it gives you an intended set look.illusion dress


9. Monochromatic color schemes: A solid block of color dress draws the eyes up to down rather than side to side, especially when it’s knee length or halfway down your calves. Giving a slimming look. Solid colors give more effect than patterns on clothes.solid block of color


10. Boot cut jeans: Contrary to what we think, the tight jeans with narrow bottoms don’t give us a slimmer effect. It pronounces large hips. If that’s your purpose of dressing, well you’ve been nailing it. However, a boot cut jean gives a slimming effect. The slight bell bottom shape gives an elongated look. A high-waist jean is even preferable so it can put excess folds in place, if your torso/tummy are the problem areas. Dark blue pants and other dark shades are a lot better ,if you don’t want to go black.bootcut


11. Wear your own size: Wearing a size smaller will not make you look thinner, rather it exposes your problem areas. Also wearing  a bigger size will make you look bigger and frumpy. Just stick to your size. Remember, taking time to try out your clothes is very profitable because designers and countries have different style measurements. For example, A size 12 in a UK wear is a size 10 in US. Even at that, a size 10 which is usually your size might just not fit. So sometimes ditch the numbers and try them on. Here is a size chart.size chart


12. Make a tailor your best friend: A good tailor will always hem all “hem-ables”, always know how to flatter your good areas and cover your problem areas, do a touch here and there and you look like a million bucks.


Yeah ,we all have days when we ain’t so proud of what we wear. But with these tips, it sure would be a good start. Remember, beauty is not defined by the size on your rack but in how confident you carry yourself . Stay beautiful. Have a great day!


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    Maureen Ekong
    June 12, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Wa o! Bubu, this really came in handy. Thanks for the tips. Will try them out.

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      June 12, 2016 at 9:44 am

      Glad I helped, Mau.

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    June 12, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    Lol@ Wear ur own size. OKAY BUBU I WILL

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      June 13, 2016 at 9:50 am

      Please do. lol

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    June 13, 2016 at 5:15 am

    Nice editorial but you need more posts on Instagram, which has uhmmmm! ZERO posts till date

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      Yes Seinjin! Absolutely right. I get overwhelmed trying to keep up but I promise I will. Thanks for stopping by

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