Christmas Is Over Already??!!

Yes, that’s face you make when you realize that Christmas Day is over. It always feels like a bad dream. Suddenly all the Fried rice you ate have turned into poop and Carols suddenly sound stale because work as usual starts on 27th. We had the holidays all planned out but apparently boxing day is like the day you sleep in, after a bad hangover. We were all lazy and indoors throughout.

The Christmas season was exciting for most of us as kids; from the smell and taste of goat meat stew, sending shoutouts on TV, waiting in line for Santa (Father Christmas) to getting gifts and doning special dresses on Christmas day. Then we transitioned to it being boring as an eligible spinster or bachelor. With each trip to your hometown, came Aunties and Uncles asking when you will bring ‘Mr Right’. Personally, it was always a lonely time for me when I was single because my peers would have travelled with family facing the same ordeal I was facing. So I didn’t care so much about the holidays, I just prayed for it to be over. Thank God now for family, we tend to reignite the excitement we once had as kids because our kids push us into the Christmas spirit. Now we are getting that fire up, buying Christmas trees and gifts, it just feels super sad that the holiday just goes away like that. Why is Christmas day just for a day? Let’s include boxing day but most of us use this day to rest and it’s business as usual afterwards.

So my big question: Is the Christmas razzmatazz really worth it? Imagine traveling hours and days over seven seas to get to your homeland. A perfect Nigeria-bound Christmas, you literally would spend more because of peak period of traveling, social circumstances (Buy-me-beer people), Civic circumstances( Legit monetary or non monetary gifts to family and friends), economic circumstances( dealing with fuel crisis, atm etc), rebel circumstances( buying knockout, then all these just end in a couple of days. Worldwide, shopping is crazy during the Yuletide. And I can’t help but tell God, “Dear God, look at your children spending. They are buying the whole store for people that they love. Please can you make this holiday longer, just like the Summer holiday”. But No, the cycle starts again with the frenzy, 25th comes and goes so fast, you look forward to New year fireworks and rendezvous, then on the 2nd of January, you feel cheated, broke and angry as you bask through January with its 65 long boring days.

The most beautiful thing about Christmas is spending it with family but please before you do that you really need to put things in perspective. Save enough to make you sail through without a hitch. Save enough to have for keeps when the frenzy is over. If not, by the time you know it, the holiday is over and you see you had a spree over a ridiculously short amount of period. Even a woman’s monthly period is longer. Arggghh, the frustration. Someone said Christmas is  a scam. I replied, “tell me about it but wait till it’s New year when 2nd January sneaks up on you like; today is the day you keep up with your new year resolution. Now get to work!”

Anyway, I’m still grateful for Christmas and the joy it brings especially with family and I will still fall for this ‘scam’ next year and the year after; like a goldfish. Hope you spent your Christmas well? Do you feel empty afterwards? Or even broke and stupid? Tell us how you get over it quickly and get charged and prepared for the snail-crawling January?



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