Has Social Media Done More Harm Than Good? (Part 2)

Last week I talked about the first part of this topic. If you haven’t read it , please do, here. I promised to talk about the second part this week and it is quite timely as yesterday marked 25 years that the World Wide Web was introduced for public use. The 25 years mark is a bit controversial but what do I know? I’d leave that to the computer geeks who know the history. A round of applause for all the great things the internet has done for us. The list is endless, we are more informed and more connected on so many levels. Now a minute of silence for all the havoc it has caused. While you are observing that silence, use your eyes and read on!

Let me just say here, social media kinda sucks! I’m gonna tell you why.

  1. It has made us less social: What an oxymoron. The less-social Social media addict! Remember, when you actually knew people for who they are. You had real conversations. Shared genuine laughter instead of emojis. Take a walk down the street. Everyone is a phone zombie. Cold blooded and fixated on mobile apps. social killing youSometimes I feel the apocalypse has already happened. To make it worse, there’s now ‘Pokemon Go’! Jesus, please just come! Even at homes, conversations are not so much because everyone is chatting away and you wonder why your kid is acting the way he/she is. If you find yourself and your family in such a position, set rules to put down gadgets at set times so you can have time for each other.
  2.  99% of what you see on Social Media is embellished!: I am not saying people do not have good lives and I am not against people posting about their lifestyle for others to see. What I’m saying is, for your sanity and mine, try not to envy what people post on social media as their lifestyle. Everyone wants to open their Facebook or Instagram and see beautiful things, so be sure you would see beautiful things. They might be real, fake or embellished. No one would post about them quarreling with spouse, having a bad hair day, being broke or looking tattered on social media. Most things posted are about Sunshine, glitter and flawless living ‘cos that’s what’s pleasing to the eyes. Imagine your social media page like your CV. You don’t put out there your flaws but your strengths. So if you are one of those who go on social media feeds to see all the “blessings” other people are showing while you “are not blessed”, hence making you wear a long face and feel downcast, then you are killing yourself for all the wrong reasons. Admire but do not envy. Social media is for people to post  what and how they feel, your emotions towards that are at your own risk. Know thyself!keepinupp
  3. Keeping up with the Kardashians Joneses: Like my second point, if you try to out-do your fellows by what they flaunt on social media, sooner or later you’d get a call from your accountant that you’ve gone bankrupt. Social media has led many people into living fake lives. You check into hotels that you actually didn’t check into. You flaunt cars that ain’t yours. The list goes on and on. What’s the purpose?keepingup
  4. It’s created illicit relationships: In as much as Social media  has created platforms for people to find love, some have ‘found love’ again while still chained to their partners. The rate of cheating partners shot up since the introduction of Facebook. Now Instagram, Snapchat! Hayyy God! The filters on phones are so bad-ass. You get hooked to a bad-ass looking chick on the screen, only to see she is a different person in real life? Wait, let me arrange myself and laugh at you well! Kia kia kia kia kia kia! I think it’s karma already being served for cheating in the first place. Everyone is beautiful and hawt on screen. The Lord’s prayer definitely got lost here. “Lead us not into temptation!”….You are swimming in temptation my brethren and sistren! 
  5. Virtual world has become reality: Deduced from the previous point. Some people live through their computer(PC, phones) screens. People have chatted away their reality. You suddenly have a cyber BFF, a cyber Sister(That ‘sis’ you always call on but you have never met in person), a cyber community(Facebook Fam, Fit Fam etc). While all these are good and make us feel good, if our real families don’t get as much attention from us, then we are doing something wrong.
  6. It’s created Judges, Analysts, Haters and Frenemies! : Everyone has something to say now. Everyone knows how to tear down with words. You have haters, you have ‘frenemies’. Most times,  behind the word “Anonymous” is a dark angry heart spewing out hate on someone. Click here where I talked about it extensively.

So has Social media done more harm than good? I picture myself in a high-school debate team right now. Screaming on top of my lungs, “Good day, Chairman, Moderator, Panel of Judges, Co-debaters and distinguished audience. I am here to say Social media has done more harm than good”….I think! What do you think?

In all, Social media is fun and has come to stay. Don’t just live your life solely through it. Always strike a balance. So what’s your take, people?



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  • Reply
    August 25, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    Hi Bubu,

    I enjoyed reading your well-written article.

    Like most things, there will be pros and cons. Social media has broadened my sources of information and also increased my support network. I have virtual friends who I have things in common with and learn from.

    Still, I agree with you, there are times when an overdose of the “white screen” causes one to disconnect from the real world. Lol

    I’m glad I found your blog. 🙂

  • Reply
    August 26, 2016 at 6:31 am

    Nedoux is here!!!! So happy. Visited your blog recently and wanted to leave a comment but got distracted by my kids. You are an exquisite writer. Please keep writing. Thanks for visiting.

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