How To Enjoy A Family Staycation

Yes! Who needs a vacation when there is Staycation?!!!

A stay-at-home vacation or staycation is a vacation done from the comfort of your home. It is ideal for families, especially when one is not feeling up to it financially, mentally or physically towards planning a vacation trip. It can also be, taking advantage of tourists sites in your city that you never considered. Who says you can’t enjoy yourselves if it ain’t at Disneyland? There are some ways to make the summer holiday fun. Here’s how:

Lodge in that exotic nearby hotel: Yeah, that hotel you always drive past and never bother going to. You take it for granted because it’s so accessible. Take time and schedule a  stay there with your family. It’s best they offer continental breakfast. Sitting with your family at breakfast, but not around your own  kitchen Island, would give you a good feel of something new.

Go swimming and make it a tournament: Don’t just go swimming, make it a tournament. Call friends and family and have a tournament. Give a prize to the winners and runners-up. If swimming is not your forte or cup of tea, try table tennis, golf, football, basketball etc. I chose swimming because it is the most fun for kids. Kids really love competition. I found out it’s true when a girl cried so hard at a birthday party because she lost out on winning a game. She came second but it didn’t just matter to her. I was like that growing up. Hehehe.

Organize a family re-union: Yeah, call up everyone of your family. Grand ma and Grand Pa can help call those you don’t even know. It is fun to show your kids all/most of your relatives. You could tell your close family members to bring special signature dishes to the re-union. Yeah, that your Aunt that makes the best African Salad….Check! You could incorporate a tournament into this gathering and can schedule activities that spread out for days.

Visit tour sites in the city: Visit a zoo, learn more about animals. Visit a museum and know a little about History. Go to the beach, especially if it’s spectacular. You can invite friends to join your family too.

Learn a skill or more together: Do you have a family member or friend who’s an expert in a peculiar skill? You could visit them at their workshop and learn some ‘How -to’. Who said excursions are only designated to schools? Make inquiries, follow protocol and visit distilleries and breweries, learn how beverages are made. It’d be interesting.

Sign up your kids for a Summer Camp: You are probably not the only parent whose children didn’t travel out for summer. So just like other parents seeking ways to make it count for their kids, signing up for summer camp is a way to go. Summer camps are being organized by renowned bodies, churches, schools etc. Sometimes, they encourage the parents participating. Camping traditionally is going to the woods, mounting up tents and live technology-free but in this new age, it goes beyond that. They learn all kinds of skills and have super fun in very conducive environments. Besides that, you know say inside Naija forest, winch dey fly weh weh. LOL, so no camping in the main sense of the word.

Do the traditional camping: If you have a very good and safe spot, it could be in your large backyard or friend’s large backyard. You can mount up tents and get into the retro lifestyle of doing things without modern facilities and just bond with family. No phones! No Selfies! No Instagram!

Binge-watch all your favorite movie series: If you get so bored going to watch movies at the cinema. Just sitting in and just watching your fave series can a be a good way to bond with family.

Have a Yard Sale: This is the perfect time to bring out all those coveted items of yours (mostly new but you ain’t using) and sell them. How? Give your kids the honor of making flyers, invite neighbors, family, friends, everyone! The idea behind this is not to make profit, of course you are selling off things for relatively very little amount, but the kids love the fact they are going to sell and make money from these sold items. It teaches them to work and earn.

Bob- A – Job! : This term describes an activity where the boy scouts go into town, visit homes and do jobs for them for a shilling/ 5 pence a.k.a “bob”. I did this growing up. If you are reading this and you attended Redemption Ministries Port Harcourt when you were a teenager, you would remember this. It was fun. Though we never looked forward to doing chores at people’s homes, we looked forward to the pay. And the hosts were super awesome, some didn’t bother giving us any chore but would reward us generously for just coming. I bought my first keyboard with my Bob- A- Job money. It teaches kids to work and earn.

Be Benevolent: This is oh- so- important. If your reason for not taking a vacation trip is because of finances, why not help someone instead? It doesn’t make sense right?  But it does! You are lucky to have even thought of having yearly vacations while some people are finding it hard to feed. How about organizing a gathering where you share groceries. Teach your kids the importance of giving. Create an awareness about your intentions to church members/fellowship members and get them involved. Buy lots of groceries (mostly staples e.g rice, garri, tinned tomatoes, vegetable oil) and share to people who need it. A family member of ours does this every Christmas period and it’s always one of the highlights of Christmas for me. Seeing a face light up with smiles for having something to eat is heart warming. Try it and see for yourself. You spent, yes but you’d feel fulfilled.

I hope with these, you are beginning to picture a perfect plan for your summer holiday. If I left out any, Please share in the Comment section.   HAPPY STAYCATION!!!

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