How To Get That Perfect Bra Fit

“Okay, Ladies! Now let’s get in formation! Okay, Ladies now let’s get “information”! Prove to me you gat some co-ordination…”

Don’t mind me, I’m feeling my Queen Bee as I write this. How are y’all doing, this new week? Today I’m going to talk about one of the most annoying, yet most important item in our closets. Bra!!!! a.K.a ‘akpa-ara’, a.k.a  ‘la brassiere‘, a.k.a ‘brayzee‘.

We can all admit, bras are the most difficult to shop for. For me, on my struggle list, it’s sparring with shopping for denim for the number one spot. Most times, you need to try them on before knowing if it fits. Exhausting all your strength, packing da’ boobs. And if that doesn’t fit, you have to try others. It’s so exhausting. Ain’t nobody gat time for that. On the flipside, if you choose not to try them on but just purchase right away, there’s a 70% chance, it won’t fit. So how can we get the perfect fit without the fitting hassles or having 99 bras that don’t fit out of the 100 you’ve bought? Here are some tips and tricks.

  1. Get the right measurement: Your body changes everytime with circumstances, so does your ‘lovely lady lump’. So if by chance, you miraculously could figure out what bra size you wear, let’s say 32D. That doesn’t mean you would wear 32D, all your life. People think is one size per lifetime. No! Your body changes. So before you set out to buy a bra, take a measuring tape and measure just beneath your bust, pulling the tape as tight as possible. This measurement is taken tightly, because you want the band of your bra to be very snug. If you do not measure exactly to the inch, round up.Whatever you get is your band size. (To take this measurement, Don’t let the ladies hang loose. Wear a non-padded bra, probably that only one bra that fits from your closet. lol). Secondly, measure your bust size. Don’t cinch into the bust or make it loose. Whatever you get, is your bust size. Now subtract your band size from your bust size. Example. Let’s say your bust measures 36 inches and beneath your bust measures 34, you’d have a difference of 2 inches. Here is the cup size chart to determine your cup size. 0=AA, 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=DD or E, 6= DDD or F etc. So from this chart, with a difference of 2 inches, your size is 34B (band size/ cup size)
  2. Try sister sizes: A sister size is a size of clothing immediately higher or lower in size. So like the above example. A 34B client can search for a 32C(smaller band size,bigger cup size) or 36A (bigger band size, smaller cup size). Why this is possible is because bras are elastic. So there’s always room for slight changes.
  3. If you are a plus size, go for medium to big straps: These straps have more support than the small straps.
  4. A fit bra must sit well : A fit bra won’t just hang on your boobs. It should sit well. The band should be snug , the breast bone area should rest on the exact spot- the breast bone. If you lift your hands up, there shouldn’t be any underboob showing. Side boobs, cinched boobs etc mean it doesn’t fit.
  5. The bra hooks can be a determining factor: A great mistake most women make is buying a bra and hooking it to the very last line(tighest hook) to give a firm grip. This is supposed to be the other way round. You should hook your bra at the loosest end (this end should give you a firm grip). The reason being, the bra wears out its elasticity and gets looser with time, so the other hooks are there to be used to snug your bra when it starts getting loose.
  6. The bra has a lifespan: It’s been proven from bra manufacturers that the average life span of a bra is 100 wears. 100 wears??! Ain’t nobody gat time fo’ dat! My Nigerian sisters, please don’t lie, your bra has exceeded this lifespan like 3 times. So lingerie specialists(yeah, there’s a thing like that) say, a woman should have at least 8 bras. One for each day, and I don’t know, probably the 8th for public holiday or that special moment. lol. This way you don’t wear out the bra.

So that’s all you need, to get a good one. These tips are tried and true, however still make room for some disappointments. That’s just bra-hunting for you. Take care of those ‘breastesses’ and keep them perky.


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