How To ‘Kill It’ On The Red Carpet Like A Pro

The ‘red carpet’ tradition that was being used to mark routes for the heads of state at ceremonial and formal events have now been extended to Celebrities, VIPs and literally, anybody. Infact in Nigeria, you see it at weddings, Inaugurations and other worthy events. A red carpet event is one that has a red carpet section for the purpose of photography. Which leads to the goal of my topic. When you are invited to a red carpet event, it is a subtle code for ‘dress to kill’, meaning dress exceptionally well because you will be in the eye(s) of camera(s). Unfortunately, not everyone really know how high the stakes are for fashion on the red carpet, so they get it all wrong (unintentionally) and look errmm, not so great as they thought. I know the average celebrity has a personal stylist and an entourage of assistants, making sure every nip is tucked and flying hair is put in place, so how do we look like stunners and avoid red carpet mishaps without all those privileges? Let’s face it, not all of us can pull a “Rita Dominic” everytime on the red carpet so Here are some tips and tricks to help.

For Ladies

  • Your undergarments are as important as your dress: Camera Flashlights can pick up the littlest blunder like panty lines etc, especially underneath a clingy dress.  To avoid these, leave those lingerie and bring out your ‘big girl panties’, they hardly leave panty lines. Another way is using a spanx all over to give a smooth overall look.scandale-sirene-shaping-slip
  • Repeat outfits stylishly: I don’t know who made that rule of not repeating clothes at events, dat pesin neva jam recession before. Since it’s a thing now, if you do not have a special asoebi attire for that event and you need to repeat outfits, do so with a dress you can accessorize differently for each event.
  • Take a picture of yourself in great lighting before stepping out: This act is to see how you look when a camera flash hit your outfit and your make up. You might spot out the blunders like a see-through area which originally can’t be seen on a normal day or a patchy foundation coverage or loud make up.picture_20160923_160743857


  • This is not a time to be modest or care free: If you want to make a fashion statement, take out time to get an outfit that flatters your best assets and covers your flaws. If you have a big tummy, this ain’t the time to wear that clingy dress.
  • Choose a colour of outfit that compliments your skin tone: That way, you pop in pictures. Like Rita Dominic slayed it here.


  • “Choose your battles”: There is a dress rule. You can’t have a plunging neck line, a high slit and a bare back, all at same time. That will only make you look slutty. Balance it out. Plunging neckline with a full length skirt/gown. Bare back with a covered decollatage (chest view). This balance gives an elegant look, which I assume that’s what you are going for.picture_20160923_013830958
  • Go regal: A sure way to make a good fashion statement is looking like a princess in a Satin ball gown. Make sure it’s real satin, anything with less quality would look tacky and cheap in pictures. Check out Tinsel’s star Osas Ighodaro’s outfit.


  • Work your best pose: Yes, everyone has that one pose that makes him/her look like an Oscar. It could be one hand on waist, a side tilt or a Hulk Hogan muscle flex pose…hulk-hogan-returns-to-wweOk, I’m kidding. Just do what works best for you. That’s what shows in photos and goes viral. Dont forget to always walk tall for a good posture.
  • “Thou shalt not wear flats”: If you’ve got issues with wearing stilettos, make sure you wear your planned out shoes and practice walking with them to get comfortable. You can wear flat shoes ONLY with ball gowns(short of long) and not with straight cut gowns. On a normal day, flats look terrible on the red carpet.


  •  Sparkle correctly: Sequins and glitter dresses can look heavy and overwhelming on the wearer if not pulled off well. It can also reflect wrongly, pointing out problem areas but if you nail it, you will definitely get the “oohs” and “aahs”. Check out Mercy Aigbe- Gentry’s outfit and get inspired.mercy-aigbe-amvca-2016-gossipboyz-com_-ng_
  • Try going unconventional: If you want to make a statement by being unconventional, you do that at your own risk. If you are pulling off a fashion that ain’t trending yet but you just spotted it on a fashion runway, be sure you might not look as cool as you’d think. If you do, Kudos! So just be open to such criticism if you wanna risk it. Alicia Keys nailed this unconventional look, pulling off a long ball tulle skirt with an edgy jacket.


  • Always check yourself one last time before hitting the red carpet: Check for lipstick stains on teeth, nip slips, wardrobe malfunctions etc.  In case of the latter, it’s best you have a needle and thread tucked into that mini clutch. And yes, no big purses or bags allowed.

For Men

  • A classic Black suit can never go wrong: In as much as guys feel the black suit for events is so clichè, there’s a reason it’s called classic. You hardly see a Nigerian man rocking black suits at events these days, as it is our culture for us to tend to overdo things. Guys, simmer down and go classic. Check out Michael Fassbender’s hot tux. 02-michael-fassbender-2014-oscarsOr turn it up a notch like AY’s textured black tux. wpid-ay-makun-amvca-red-carpet-6
  • And if you choose to go against the norm with your suits, blazers, jackets and tuxedos. Then choose the right combo like RMD did here.

34Except your intention is to look like Flavor Flav! picture_20160923_014008232

  •  Strike that pose: When striking a pose as a man, TV Style personality, Ru Paul suggests that the normal pose, ‘putting hands in pocket’ not only distorts the shape of your outfit, it subtly speaks of you as being nervous and don’t know what to do with your hands. So he says, Stand straight, do a posture like you are threading a needle or like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson does, look like you are adjusting your cufflinks while looking straight at the camera.

BEIJING, CHINA - MAY 29: (CHINA OUT) Actor Dwayne Johnson attends 'San Andreas' premiere at UME Cinema on May 29, 2015 in Beijing, China. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

….or just stand.

For Couples

  • Communicate: If you are on the red carpet as a couple, communicate with eachother to look together at a particular camera, one at a time. This look translates to people who have got it together than looking lost and uncoordinated when you are looking at one camera and your spouse is looking at another.0bf7647e

With these in mind, I think you are good to go. Slay and get everyone talking about your fashion. What did I miss out, Fashionistas? Say it at the comment section.


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