How To Plan A Budget- Friendly Summer Holiday

Yearssss ago, “summer” holiday didn’t in anyway, concern those who lived in places that had nothing to do with summer. What a peaceful world then. We just know it as the ‘long holiday’. We didn’t even need to plan so much for it. Churches and Schools sometimes arranged vacation schools to take out the bore  from parents and kids. Well, not in this zillenial era. Thanks to all the zillenial schools that make our kids talk, act and do most things ‘the Abroad’ people do. Even if you don’t have plans for that or you have vehemently put your foot down that you won’t be swayed by the trend of having “summer holiday”,  wait till the tear-jerked puppy eyes of your kids start haunting you in your sleep. They twist your arm by saying everyone would give an account of what they did last summer and if they didn’t do something seemingly interesting, they won’t  be the cool kid. (I know some parents who wouldn’t still be moved by this but let’s just pretend to be moved). So now you’ve finally listened to your kids and you’re considering traveling to ‘the abroad’ but fret that it’s close to impossible to travel for such vacation and ‘vacation’ is only for the rich. Now, let me just stop you right there because you are so wrong. This is the biggest misconception about traveling. Rather, a vacation is possible for those who really anticipate and prepare for it. Except you are Paris Hilton or a stealing politician, you just don’t wake up and decide you want to go on vacation abroad the next day. If you are an honest income earner, you know you want to save on every Naira, dollar and pound. So let me share some tips and tricks to this.

  1. Plan way ahead of time: If we are going by this rule, then this advice is for Christmas holiday or next year’s summer. This will enable you put things in perspective and plan logistics to know how much you would need to save.
  2. Cut down on lifestyle expenses: Cut down on eating out, buying asoebi, ‘hanging out with the guys’ and generally keeping up appearances. You don’t need to show up at every wedding, spraying your child’s school fees on the dance floor. Just think of their puppy eyes and hold back that urge to spend. Lol
  3. Book flights ahead of time: This is a massive money saver. Booking anything less than a month is just painful for me. Go as far back as you can. You can book 4 months away and get a great discount. Another way is booking in times when it’s not peak period.(Times when most people are not likely to fly) but since our focus here is summer and maybe Christmas, this advice won’t be needed. So book way ahead of time.
  4. Go for holiday packages: I used to think it’s more expensive to do this because the resorts and probably the travel agents would have their fair share of the money but going there as a newbie, you really might not know what’s cheap and what’s expensive or what has a hidden expense, so you might end up being penny wise pound foolish. Except you know people living in ‘the abroad’, (and more importantly, in that zip code area) who know good deals. If you don’t, stick to a holiday package and just not be bothered by the profit made from the resort and travel agents. If it’s a reputable agent, you would have a good place and experience for your money’s worth.
  5. Try Airbnb, if you plan staying long: ‘Airbnb’ is an app that showcases houses by owners who are willing to rent out. These are actual homes vacated by their occupants for tourists to live in. If you are staying for a Long time, then this is a cheaper way to go because paying hotel bills for a month can be tear-jerking. These are actual homes, where you can cook your own food. There are said rules you have to abide by. There are conditions too. You could rent a room and share the living room with other tourists but with family, you can rent the entire house. They are relatively way cheaper than hotels.
  6. Stack on the travel Miles: If you travel alot probably for work, you need to put into account the number of miles you’ve flown especially from a particular airline. I think affiliate airlines flown can also help stack on miles too. Why is this important? So that one of these days, you could get a discount or your flight fully paid for, judging from your Miles account. It works like your frequent shoppers card at the store.
  7. Seek for a ‘Bed and Breakfast’: If you are taking my fourth point to heart, then you are covered. But if you are sorting out hotels yourself then go for those that provide complimentary breakfast. At least that takes care of breakfast expenses.
  8. Go for Visa free countries: Hello, my people! “The abroad” is not only UK and USA. There are other beautiful countries, that possess more beautiful and more interesting sites to discover. Sometimes, they are visa-free. Or getting their visa is close to hassle-free and cheap. If you are hell-bent on going to the UK or US, then brace yourself for long visa lines at the Embassy, your non-refundable visa fees which is relatively more expensive, and just hope you are given.
  9. Rule of thumb; No impulse buying: Let’s say you finally made it there. Know that there will be a gazillion souvenir items that will have your name written on it…not literally. You might be tempted to buy every gaddem‘ thing. Do not! A t-shirt here, a mug there and before you know it, you are left with only cash for Uber to take you to the airport.

If these can be done, then you are good to go but if you still feel you are not up to having one yet, then look around you, especially in Nigeria. There are  Great vacation spots in Nigeria . You can also have fun in these places. So these are my tips and tricks to having a great time in such holiday. Do you have some of your own? Please share it at the comment section.



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