How To Start Your Own Blog (In Layman’s Terms)

I remember starting my blog but was so shy of being referred to as a blogger. One, I felt I had not had much expertise in blogging and Two, People still didn’t know it’s a serious vocation (or career path) for some. So I steered away from topics like this. Well now, with my wealth of knowledge and constant questions being thrown at me about how I started my blog, I think I’m qualified now to give practical advice.

Let me say it here. Blogging is just not an ‘idle’ vocation for ‘jobless people’. This is 2017…and if you don’t know we are entering 2018. I had this notion myself when I was first talked into it in 2007. I was interning in a radio station and I was more interested in being a radio star (The coolest job then). When I finally decided to start my blog, I found out blogging is not easy but because of the passion I had for documenting things, learning And telling stories, I forged on. Blogging is like a one-man company. You are the CEO, the Chief Editor, the IT Consultant, the Field Researcher, the Content Creator, the Photographer, the Visual Editor, the Marketer, the Social Media Strategist, the Feedback Analyst, the Secretary (those emails won’t reply themselves. Will they?), the PR Officer….I think I should stop here because the list goes on and on. I’m not saying this for big talk, this is actually how it is. Don’t even let me go into Fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers or food bloggers who have to be on the constant hunt for outfits, beauty products and latest recipes to give you information. At the time I started my blog, my son was just 3 months old. I had to choose between stealing naps while he slept and using such time to blog. I went for the latter ‘cos I was determined. Truth is, it is time-consuming. If I go into details how much time and energy is put into a post, when next you see a persistent blogger, you’d buy them a drink. Pina Colada for me, thank you!

Why all the determination, Bubu? I found out I had to have time for my family and still work. The internet was a way of having both worlds 50-50. We now have a generational shift where the world wide(wild) web and social media have come to stay. So internet business is serious business now. Maybe in 2080, something else might take over but for now it’s the internet and a blossoming of Artificial Intelligence. So now I’ve broken this into bite-size realities for you, if you want to be a blogger, keep reading. If you are not signing up for it again, you can just pick an interesting post on this blog and enjoy yourself. Here are steps to setting up your blog

  • Choosing a web host and having a domain: This is like going to a Landlord and buying a piece of land to own for the rest of your life. In this case, the web host is the Landlord. There are several platforms that host websites. Personally I used Bluehost. They are quite easy to use and make transactions with. They have several packages ranging from 4 USD/month to 6 USD/month. When you pay, you are required to pay for a year. These fees would also have additional fees for security etc. This guarantees your spot on the world wide web and there you get your “.com” you fasted and prayed for. Lol. This host also suggests platforms for you, likened to an architect drawing the plan of your house which leads to my next point.
  • Choosing a platform for your site: There are different platforms for blog sites. The most common pair is Blogger and WordPress. I use WordPress because I think they have lots of options when it comes to a site design or theme. The next step is choosing a name for your site.  Obviously, since this is not a free site, your name would appear as e.g  “” instead of “”. Free hosted sites are like having a house for rent and not really owning it. Imagine having a cute site name and you have to add ‘ or’. It looks unappealing and quite a mouthful to call. That’s an expensive price to pay for a free site. So I advice paying and owning a site.
  • Choosing your theme: Whether you decide to use Blogger or WordPress, you are offered free themes but as usual free themes can be daunting because it never allows room for flexibility. The sold themes are paid one time and they vary. They have room for tweaking and customizing to your own taste.
  • Customization: Now that you own your site( You’ve bought the land) and you’ve chosen a theme (you’ve put the foundation of your house), it is time to start building your site. This means you’d start creating option buttons, creating pages like ‘Home, About us, Menu etc’. This is like fully building a house.
  • Adding Plug-ins: Plug-ins are applications (free or bought) used to aid the efficiency of your site. E.g A page view counter is a plug-in to help you check stats. There are plug-ins for design purposes, for metric purposes, for mailing purposes, you name it. See a plug-in like the light fittings and water pipes you run in a house.
  • Finally, Create your Content: This is the scariest part. That first post! Everything has been done in secret but this is like the unveiling of a house. From your platform, you own a dashboard where you make things happen. When you click on a new draft to start writing, you would see a default ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text. All you need do is clear it and write your own. It could be easy or tough to get to this point depending on your IT knowledge but having a knowledge in IT is not a prerequisite for building your blog. It’s just an advantage. As soon as you are done writing and fitting in images, you can have a preview of your work’s outlook before finally hitting that ‘publish’ button. And that’s how you start a blog. The rest of the work towards sustenance rest in your hands.

So this is basically the ‘lay-manest’ way of explaining it. I saved you a heck  of techno-gibberish that can leave you with a headache. If you still don’t understand this, I’d have to bring out a slate with chalk or better still, If you need a consultation on kicking off your blog, send me an email at or leave a comment here, okay?! Stay tuned for my next post;  Great tips that can make your blog stand out. Yes, Issa blogweek, this week!




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