I Have Found A New Talent!!

Compliments of the season. I hope you are excited about going into 2018? I can’t wait to smash the doors. Well, I’ve been in a bubble since Christmas day. I don’t even know what day of the week it is. I missed out on two birthdays just because I kept mixing dates and days. I don’t envy people born around this time. People literally forget their birthdays because of the line up of festivities. A happy birthday to you if you’re born between 25th and 31st.

On this last post of the year, I won’t bore you with 2017 exit nuggets and 2018 resolutions. You all know new year resolution are overrated. Whatever you need to start in 2018, you can as well start laying the foundation now. However, I learnt something new about me and I want to share this story because someone needs to save herself some respect and some dogon’ money.

We all know getting hair done outside Nigeria is an expensive lifestyle. We embrace wigs for a reason. Yaaasss! I love cheap thrills! Lol. Well, some don’t come cheap though. I have been cool with my wigs but I decided to just change my look and do my  ‘Christmas hair’. There’s a young lady nearby who makes good hair and I was so glad when I discovered her because I felt all my hair troubles had gone away. Enthusiastically, I booked an appointment with her and got my hairpiece ready for installation. On this hair day I waited and was stood up. We rescheduled and I was stood up again. Apparently, she had so much on her hand and didn’t think mine was that important. I expressed my disappointment to her and all I got back was a lackadaisical reply. The Grenadians are known for their laid-back attitude which is admirable but some can be downright disrespectful sometimes. She took it up a notch by not even rendering any remorseful act, talk less of a verbal apology. I felt pained that I waited a whole day for someone who didn’t value my time like I did mine. My hubby saw the disappointment on my face and asked if I’d just give her another try but I can only give people second chances if at first I see they actually value good service. She didn’t, so I wasn’t giving in on that option. I picked up my hairpiece, some other hair tools and I got braiding my own hair. After which I installed my Crotchet braids. By the time I was done, I saw the wonder I had created for myself, I thanked God for not spending money to make my hair. I am not a hairstylist. The most I can do are basic hairstyles on my daughter’s head  but I was surprised to see my handwork when push came to shove.

When people feel entitled over the role they play in your life, you better shove them aside unapologetically. Never be afraid to try something new or try the next best option. You would be shocked at what you could do. Sometimes we get so lazy because something has been presented as a norm so we conform to it but if you set your mind on doing a task, you would. Even if it’s a slow process, you’d get it done. I saved a huge sum if you convert the dollar to Nigeria Naira; with this current exchange rate. Bottom line,  I did my Christmas hair and I’m rocking it into the new year. It might not be one of my best hairdos but this was made out of selflove and determination. I don’t think I’d be needing a stylist anytime soon. I’ve got myself covered.

The next territory to cover would be cake baking. With all due respect to the lovely worthy cake designers, some Cake designers have really bent our arms because they know we’d always buy for our kids.That must stop in 2017 except we want to splurge. I must be a DIY addict in 2018 starting with making my own hair. There’s so much money to save if you just do it yourself. I remember this also happened before now. A particular hairstylist for my daughter would give me excuses anytime I asked her to do my daughter’s hair, probably because my daughter throws alot of tantrum during hairstyling and screams of pains. I sensed they were mere excuses and I decided to go to the next available stylist because I was spoilt for choice in Nigeria. We came over here and it’s the same story of excuse-giving coiffeurs. So I decided I would be doing her hair myself. My sweetheart now sits still throughout the process and pleasures in asking for another hairstyling day. Something she didn’t dare to ask for with the professional stylists. Hairdays that used to be a 2 hour long wailing  spree with bribes of candies and any snacks in between have suddenly become our quiet favourite hair time because Mommy’s got it now.

Tip: Instead of hunting Nkechi left, right and centre. Choose hairstyles that you can easily do yourself like crotchet braids and save money only for those special hairdos that you really want to invest in. You can watch your favourite movie or series while doing it and you wouldn’t even feel you’ve worked so hard. This advice is not for everyone, especially  for those who really don’t have the time but for every other person, that’s a big saving hack especially in times when the account is not even whispering Davido’s song, how much more screaming it; **”Tatty billion for the akant eeeohh!”**

Say hello to my self-installed Havana twists. Now teh me, Eeez dis hair not fine?!

So, what DIYs do you handle that is seemingly hard but unbelievably easy? Please share with us. Happy New Year to you guys. May 2018 bring out the best in you. Signing out! Mwaaaah!


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