List Of Scholarship Programs And All You Need To Know

Hello, everyone! How y’all doing? Few months ago, I was doing some research on scholarships. Alot of people want to further their education, probably to boost their career or have a career change but one thing that we all agree on, is the financial commitment involved to run a post graduate course, especially studying abroad. Back in Nigeria, the intended course duration is not guaranteed because of unplanned strikes held by the institutions. Naija, which way? So you can see why everyone would lose an arm and a leg to study abroad.

Having a Scholarship is one of the ways you can achieve a degree abroad but these scholarships can be stiff and highly competitive. You must have a very good reason to be an eligible candidate. Most times, this eligibility is judged by your outstanding College result(and when I mean outstanding, I don’t mean outstanding low result. I mean the opposite). The nerds and Brainiacs shine in this area but it will interest you to know that, you don’t need a first class or Second class upper division (only) to get a scholarship. How? Your impressive work experience or motivational letter, stating how much this scholarship would mean to you could just be the magic. So, that myth of scholarships only for 1st class and 2:1 divisions has been busted. Besides, I believe anything is possible. Even a candidate who’s got a @ not-so-good C.G.P.A can still benefit from these. So far as you can pull off an “I have a dream” kind of speech in your letter and with God on your side, who says you can’t? Remember, the board of examiners are humans (and not computers) and can be sensitive to your compelling story. Who knows? So, apply despite you not meeting CGPA requirements. It’s better to take the chance and fail than not try at all and miss out on the possibility.

So, for those who don’t have the enthusiasm to apply because of the aforementioned reason, now you have no excuse. I found some links that I’ve shared with few friends. They were actually for my personal purpose but hey, sharing such useful information is noble of me. Ngwanu, clap for me!

Note that, some of these scholarships are being funded fully or partially. Some require you to learn their language for a year or less before kick starting. This is their own way of rubbing off their culture on you in exchange for learning for free in their country. You will be amazed how many scholarships are out there. Especially from Europe. Sometimes, all you need is, be a citizen of a third world country like our dear Nigeria.*rolls eyes*. Yes, there are scholarship programs strictly for citizens of third world countries. This is the only time when you embrace that term “third world country” with glee because of scholarship. Lol. All you need to do is invest time and do some serious research. It won’t just fall on your laps. So if you want it so bad, You garra’ gerrit! Here are some helpful links to kickstart your search.

  1. New Zealand scholarship
  2. Australia Endeavour
  3. Adelaide, Australia
  4. Sydney, Australia
  5. Amsterdam–tuition/scholarships-and-loans/amsterdam-excellence-scholarship/amsterdam-excellence-scholarship.html
  6. Denmark
  7. Canada
  8. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate
  9. Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship
  10. University of Cambridge
  11. Clarendon Scholarship Oxford University
  12. Full bright scholarship USA
  13. MEXT Scholarship, Japan

I hope I’ve helped someone out today. If you have more links to add, please drop them at the comments section. We can all benefit from these. Kilzes!

P.S. : My apologies for links you can’t click on. Just copy and paste link into your browser OR search for keywords in the link and still get results.


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    Precious Nkeih
    October 27, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Bubu!
    I should send this link to my younger brother
    This is truly one of those rare moments when we accept our “third worldness”. Haha

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    October 28, 2016 at 1:06 am

    You are welcome, dear

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    October 28, 2016 at 2:02 am

    Wow! Thank you for this Bubu dear, am so bookmarking this page, because I need it like kilode hehe.

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    October 29, 2016 at 12:41 am

    You are welcome,dear

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    December 13, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Researched this after reading your post. It was a touching reminder for self development. Tnx

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      December 14, 2016 at 2:56 pm

      I’m glad this was valuable to you.

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