Much Ado About Breast Feeding In Public

In recent times, there has been so much noise in the media about breast feeding. Not about the benefits of breastfeeding but about calling out and shaming mothers who breast feed their babies publicly. We have two groups taking sides. Some are completely against breast feeding in public while some are totally for it. In one week, I’ve read and watched the news of incidents where the moms were being attacked physically/ verbally for breast feeding in public. The victims of these attacks have taken to social media, TV and print to voice out their grievances. Now let me say here that I support breastfeeding 100%. I am nursing as we speak and when the need arises, I breastfeed publicly but I am totally covered. It beats my mind how some mothers want to play victims in this situation and say they are fighting for “every nursing mom out there”. Seriously?!!! You are fighting for people like me?!!! I don’t think so because that’s not how I roll. How can a breastfeeding mom not wear clothes that can help you cover up while breast feeding. You let your twinnies hang out for every passer-by, and when reprimanded to cover up, you play the victim card. If you are at home, freestyle! If you are even in public, there is a way you can sit away from public, so it will take only eyes who are really trying to look at you, to figure out what you are doing. But to just do a carnival scene out of your twinnies, No na!

One incident happened at a public place in the US. The staff gave her an option of covering up or going to the restroom to feed. Of course I won’t choose the latter, no matter how clean and well-scented the restroom is. I’d have asked for a napkin from the staff to cover up. Instead the lady took to social media that she was a victim of abuse for trying to do something beautiful to her baby.

Another American, a Socialite/ Formula 1 heiress by name; Tamara Ecclestone posted a picture of her breastfeeding her baby on Instagram. Some people applauded her but some people were offended by the picture. She fired back, and as usual says she is supporting and speaking for every breastfeeding mom. This was the picture posted on Instagram.tamara-ecclestone-breastfeeding-instagramecclestone-main

I thought these were cute and discrete but the lash was about her posting an intimate moment for the world to see. The funny thing is that, after going on social media to announce the ‘victimization’, the media gives them a call and interview them breastfeeding but this time, they are fully covered while doing it. So why didn’t you cover up in the first place? Dis Oyibo people sef na wa. Everything is their right. If you are nursing with your twinnies all out, consider how uncomfortable you make some people feel. Yes, it’s no one’s business but it is also not your bedroom. If some dude stared at them when not nursing, you would call him a pervert. So why do you let them out now like you care less? Some go as far as multi-tasking while breastfeeding. Burger in one hand, mobile phone scrolling in the other hand, of course you’ve given people free feem-show.

When you are nursing, it becomes a lifestyle. You dress to accommodate such activity. You have tools to help facilitate such activity. You have plan B for that too. It is a fact that your nursing baby will eat almost every hour or two. So if you have to slide into that tight evening dress, be pretty sure you have a good plan, without you stripping yourself just to breastfeed. How can you pull off a James Bond stunt of feeding your hungry baby, the baby friendly way ,when wearing a not-so- baby friendly attire:

  • Always  have a light cotton blanket in your bag to cover up.
  • If you parked your car nearby and it’s convenient, go into your car and breastfeed.
  • You can express your breast milk into feeding bottles so you don’t have any business with your zipper.
  • It’s always best to have a nursing- friendly attire. Wearing camisoles under button-up shirts are a friendly pair.

I am totally against bullies or people who just rain abuses on you because you are breastfeeding publicly. Those ones, may Amadioha use them to test his new power. But when approached in a courteous manner to cover up, never take it as an offence. Breast feeding is a beautiful thing. Don’t turn it into a quarrel.


This is my opinion, every one is entitled to theirs. So you can take mine with a pinch of salt……lime and tequila! In the mean time, what do y’all think? Should breastfeeding mums just do their thing anyhow in public, or they should be a bit conscious and cover up? Say it in the comments section. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

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  • Reply
    Ebele Owo
    July 30, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    I totally agree with you. There should be some form of decency to breastfeeding. I no wan see your breast! Cover up. Sha, my opinion ? there are nice breastfeeding coverings in stores now, abeg you only need 1 or 2…incase emaro! (U don’t know)
    Nice one bubu!?✔✅

    • Reply
      July 30, 2016 at 5:25 pm

      LOL, you are very correct

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