My Holiday Recap: Happy New Year!!!

Happy New year, Fam!….and Merry Christmas in arrears. How was your holiday? Still doing three bottles of coke a day?*rolls eyes and clasps hand* “Father forgive us for we have sinned…We let gluttony consume us during the festivities! Please help us get back on track. Let us understand that sugar is not our friend, so provide Alomo bitters. Amen. Ehhhenn! So how did you spend your Christmas? It’s been one of my busiest Christmas period. It all started from 22nd December, my last post. I joined in on a meeting held annually by a relative to share staple foods to the community. It warmed my heart to see faces light up as they held their share of rice. We shared it according to age grade. Starting from the elderly, then descended in age range. I’ve never seen women accept their real age or claim an older age so they can get that rice fast. Well, it’s for a good cause and we thank God. On Christmas eve, there was a huge barbeque at home but was too busy to even take pictures.

On Christmas day, I stayed indoors. I just didn’t feel like going out, probably because Mr. Hubby is away for now. Well, afterwards, I had great lunch with my relatives. Fried rice and gizdodo on point! ….you know who has the Orijin-zero(my newest addiction.smh). Night came and we had an in-house karaoke with lots of cake and ice cream.

I really thought Port Harcourt would be a bit free, judging by the yuletide travel surge. Boy, I was wrong as my effort to watch a movie at Filmhouse was futile. SPARtans were really SPARing. Port Harcourt really is now overpopulated. You can imagine this on Xmas day. I wasn’t there that day but I know pretty well, this picture said it all. This looks like it was from the movie set “SPARtacus”. So I decided to join my relatives to the East for the New year. Umu Chinekeeeee!! It felt good in Ibo land. From admiring the Ibo church interpreter, interpret the English speaking pastor’s words beautifully, to the drinking of the indigenous fresh palmwine….…. eating coconuts and drinking the water. ….and more barbeque, Port Harcourt style…You know you can’t visit Ibo land without tasting their “Ugba“. Well, as at the time I was presented with that, I was stuffed. My poor waistline. Now you know why I haven’t  blogged….No, not coz of the food but No “in-taah-netu”!

Now that the celebrations are over, we come back to earth, delude ourselves in a fast-track-weightloss bootcamp, become best friends with people who just say that one compliment every plus-size girl needs to hear; “Are you losing weight? It shows!” Now I’ve got questions for you.

  1. How was your Christmas holiday?
  2. Are you making New Year Resolutions for 2017? If that works for you.
  3. This has been on my mind. What does the “12 days of Christmas” song really mean? I thought there’s just one Christmas day. If it’s  in reference to the Christmas period, where do ‘they’ start counting from?
  4. What changes are you willing to make This new year?

Still in the New year spirit, I thought I’d share here. This just happened yesterday and please get past the bad-mom tag and just enjoy the story. My daughter apparently heard the song ‘work’ by Rihanna and as usual she emulated and was singing it, “work work work work work work”. Then Grandma heard the song and thought it sounded familiar. In Grandma’s assumption that she really knew the song my daughter was singing, she joined in bodaciously, “?oh walk walk walk walk, walking in the light. ?Oh walk walk walk walk walking in the light…Walking in the light of God?” ???. My daughter, fast in emulating, was shocked at the switch at first but joined in on Grandma’s version. That was how Grandma saved the day. I laughed so hard and my Mom had no idea why I was laughing. Till now, she still thinks her grand-daughter was singing her own version from the start.

P.S: This post and some others to come is a bit belated because I stacked them up when I couldn’t use the internet but I figured out some people who had same internet issues while they traveled to their villages wouldn’t mind rekindling the Xmas and new year spirit. Besides, I’m a sucker for celebratory periods. Happy New Year Everyone!!!**wiggling waist**


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  • Reply
    Jessica Hugo
    January 5, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Haha.. Bubu, really nice recap. The ugba part, choi! I love ugba & abacha. I couldn’t stop laughing at ur daughter & her grandma’s version of Riri’s Lol

    • Reply
      January 7, 2017 at 6:58 pm

      Thanks Jessica. Happy New year to you my dear

  • Reply
    Precious @ Precious Core
    January 11, 2017 at 4:32 am

    Hahaha you never disappoint!
    Walking in the light ??

    • Reply
      January 12, 2017 at 4:49 pm


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