My Oh- Sooo Eventful And Inspiring Fortnight

Hello, my beautiful People! Let me just say here that lately it’s been a struggle keeping up with my schedule. I’ve seen it’s more practical to share a post once a week for now instead of my 3 posts per week schedule, until I am done with what’s been keeping me on my toes (Juicy details coming much later. Fingers crossed). I’ve been doing a lot of physical and mental work lately so much I really don’t have time for  myself. When phone calls stream in and the first words you hear are “You’ve abandoned us, abi?”, you know it’s really bad or Is it? I literally hear this for almost every new phone call picked. (It was really a struggle here to choose the right word to use: call picked or call taken. But ‘picken‘ seemed more appealing and soooo not out of place. Lol. English hard!)

What’s been keeping me busy? A lot I’d like to share but not now. Nevertheless, I try to make conscious efforts towards attending some crucial meetings. And I’ve been inspired by these people. From a casual outing, to being a Master of Ceremony at an event, these meetings were all I needed to fuel up and I hope it does same to you.

A meeting with Joyce Daniels (Master of Ceremonies/ CEO, Talklogenic: She’s been one person I’ve admired, right from Secondary School days. So much I followed her as her downline in one of the networking schemes. I heard she was in Port Harcourt and I buzzed her asap because I had to interview her for the blog. She asked for a Saturday morning meeting and you know Saturday morning appointments and kids don’t go together but had to make it. I promised I’d dash in briefly and just do my thing but I got there and attended a meeting she had already kicked off. Boy,  was I glad I attended. The wisdom that poured out as she spoke would be a post for another day. One of her teachings “The logic of consequence Vs The logic of appropriateness” is one I won’t forget. Applicable to everyday life. I’d be publishing an article on her pretty soon. Look out for that.

My time at Yogurberry, Port Harcourt: I honestly have been wanting to visit and never had time until this day. The raffle draw we did a while ago on this blog had a winner who coincidentally was the CEO of Yogurberry, Mrs Onyinmiebi Oranusi. Yeah, everyone goes there for the yoghurt and other sweets. I went there for more. I went to deliver her Throw pillow gift. While I waited for her to arrive, besides taking selfies

and eating my low calorie-ice cream, my mind wandered how this Young Entrepreneur turned a cozy space to a Money-making business space. The ambience was absolutely beautiful, and the Yoghurt…. Speechless. Everything was done with love and precision. That’s the spirit of Excellence. What do you have in your hands? Use it……WELL. Don’t just be good at what you do, be excellent at it. Meanwhile, this selfie was taken while I waited for the madam to arrive. It provoked a meme in my head.

“That moment you just found out you were the side chick on Val’s day.”??. Give this a caption. The hearts floating above my head got me cracking.


A meeting with Mrs Chinwe Tobin (Administrator, Hallel College Port Harcourt): She’s family. I got a call from her that I needed to be an MC at an event. I actually thought I won’t be around so I declined but I rescheduled to make it. I was glad I did. She hosted this event themed ‘Rise against all odds’ for single and married women. You know, I have not been an MC in a long while (Thanks, Saudi Arabia) but it felt good holding the Mic once again. Even better, was being taught about Ruth from the Bible, it was a whole new insight on how to live life as a woman. Ladies, y’all should read the book of Ruth to inspire you. There’s a reason that book was included in the Bible. Mrs Tobin blessed our minds with great insight. Watch out for another and more of its kind from this delectable woman.


Sunday Service at HOTR Church, Heritage House: Honestly, Pastor Lanre Oluseye is God’s gift to the body of Christ. I felt like jumping off my chair anytime he hit the nail on the head but I had to respect myself. He talked about the story of Jesus washing His disciples feet. He talked about service to God and humanity. Three things God gives you to serve humanity: Your Income! Your Influence! Your Impact! ‘Nuff said. Please visit House On The Rock  Church, Heritage House. You will be glad you did.


Mummy Time: Ofcourse they are the first on the list that keep me on my toes. You can imagine this. My car had just come out from the car wash and she showed herself useful. Kids will always be kids. So back to my intended point. I’ve also been inspired by my daughter’s resilience in school. Few days ago was her Academic Review Day. I saw and heard amazing things about her. Even before that, some administrators had called me aside to tell me what an amazing leader and star she is. I remember how upset my daughter had been from first day of school. She joined in when the term was almost over and would cry every morning to school. Now she’s doing exceptionally well. So you could imagine, my sigh of relief. Prai….prai…praisssee dai Lord! This mom right here has to toot her horn. Woot! Woot!! That’s all, folks. So my little silence here is not in vain, it’s for a good cause. I just love how these events came one after the other, staccato style, so it’s wisdom overload. Have a great week people. Please share your random thoughts at the comment section.




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  • Reply
    February 21, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    I think we are in the same shoe for now concerning regular updating of the blog.. Chores to meet up are becoming too much and barely have time for myself in the evening not to think of writing an article in that state of tiredness. But then again, blogging must go on.

    But Bubu, from what i am seeing eh, i think you are balling o,lool….

    Your make up is so on point.

    • Reply
      February 21, 2017 at 9:30 pm

      Hahaha. Balling keh. Take me to the Bahamas, then I’d call it balling. My dear, I’m needing 30 hours per day. It’s crazy. Thanks darling. Still trying to sharpen my make up skills oh. XO

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