My Phobia For Dogs (Cynophobia)

I come across to the average westerner here as the cool Nigerian lady but I think their judgement might have been too quick because they have never given me the kryptonite fear-test which is my phobia for dogs or any animal they beautifully call a pet. I am a Naija Babe, we don’t do “Awww” to a dog wagging its tail and bathing its owner with saliva. When I was in Saudi Arabia, my biggest challenge was dealing with stray cats. I recall narrating the story  on my Facebook page, how the Naija babe in me showed as I saw a stray cat at my doorstep when I opened the door. Afterwards, my humane side warmed up to at least preparing some milk and sardines for this particular feline that always meowed at my door. I went to the hospital for the delivery of my son and I saw that the cat was dead by the time I came back home, I guess due to hunger and my heart broke. Not long after, I started analysing it the Naija way. How can a cat be visiting a pregnant woman? That cat must have ‘died by fire’ from all my prayers. LOL

Now in Grenada, the dogs and their howling told me for sure this is a dog-loving zone. I saw a couple of people walking their dogs and I just had a sigh, “Oyibo people and dogs”. They were so big, I just respected myself and walked on the other side of the road. When I saw this was darn serious was when we were searching for a house. In most descriptions, they would add “pet- friendly”. The comments that followed will be those of dog and cat lovers. I saw how they took their dogs seriously. Wayyyy too seriously. In a Grenadian Facebook group I’m in, someone posted a picture of an ‘Nkita‘ (I’m sorry but it was no where near a bougee dog), she bawled and showed great concern about this stray dog and was asking for its owner. I was moved by her emotions but wondered how it concerned me. When I go to the grocery store, I find out that the dog and cat food section is stuffed and their canine and feline toys are so cute. I almost grabbed one before I saw that it was for pet animals.

What got me mightily convinced about the doggy world here was the veterinary hospital. It looks cooler than most hospitals in some third world countries and I sit and ask myself, “All these for dogs?”

I may never  share same sentiment about the amorous human-dog,  human- cat relationship but I really want to get into the mind of animal lovers. “How is it doing You, ehnnn?” Do you feel like it’s a human being with unconditional love; going by the popular phrase-“A dog is a man’s best friend”?

I think animal lovers would even kill me for using “it” instead of “him/her” to address a dog, so I apologise. Just make me understand what the feeling’s like. Am I weird for having this much phobia? I know in Nigeria, dogs are for security. Strictly bound to the kennel. It’s just a handful in Nigeria that show such closeness with dogs. It’s a total different game in the western world, which isn’t new to the world’s eyes but now I’m amongst them, I really want to know what I am missing out on. Make no mistake, I love furry puppies and I’ll gush about them but as soon as they come close, I see them as harmful. How about people who let their dogs/cats play with their babies (humans)? Is this okay and hygienic? In all you do, don’t write me off yet. Even the great German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is scared of dogs. *feeling good, I’m not alone*


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    January 15, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Haha! Why on earth is a stray cat visiting a pregnant woman indeed!? I totally understand your sentiments. I don’t mind admiring pets from afar but I get nervous too when they come too close. The strongest attachment I made to a cat, was my friend’s when she went on holiday. she asked me to drop by each evening to feed it, and I got really attached to the point that one day I was late in feeding it (I had had so much to do that day), and when I arrived at my friend’s the cat was meowing. I took it to be crying – and my heart just broke!


    • Reply
      January 17, 2018 at 2:11 pm

      Awwww. I know right. Same guilt I had after I shoo-ed the cat away. Since he was relentless, I offered sardines and milk and I got hooked. Lmao

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