My Time Spent At F.S.P Hair Plaza, Port Harcourt

Hey lovelies. My tori today will be something Port Harcourt residents (in Nigeria), especially the females, would testify about. The lady who usually gives me a manicure and pedicure had travelled for the Xmas Holiday and lots of salons shut down for the break as well. So I was asked to go to a place in the Main Town District of Port Harcourt called F.S.P (Family Support Programme) to get a pedicure. I thought getting a pedicure there was kind of odd because the memories I have of that place are numerous. Before I go further, let me tell you a bit about the place. 17 plus years ago, the Ministry of Women Affairs opened this place to support women and their families through hair plaiting. As usual, any place with lots of women is a recipe for disaster. Una know naaa. So all I could remember strongly was how women exchanged abusive words with eachother. Other thoughts that filled my head were of the women plaiting hair with their techniques swift like the speed of light and how your head bobs to the rhythm of that swift movement of thread wrapping a sectioned hair on your head. I thought about the women always shouting and talking over eachother’s voices in foul language. Sometimes fights ensue probably when a disloyal client moves over to the next hair stylist, in other words, “stealing her customer”. Oh, I thought of the head-ache I always had from the snagging and tugging from the hair stylist, anytime I plaited my hair there as a kid…Yes, you heard me right…A Kid! These women have been plaiting hair for years, even before the place was built. Now all these horror played in my head. That’s what has kept me away all these while from visiting this place. I just drive past no matter how often I see it. Desperate to find a good Nail Technician in Town District, I gave it a shot and visited the place because I was a bit convinced by the testimonies given by clients who had done their nails with this particular lady. I called her on the phone and told her my intentions and I was shocked by how she spoke. Very courteous and speaks very good English. We fixed a time and I arrived. In course of polishing my nails, we got talking. I found out a lot had changed in that place. There were younger hands who had taken over stalls of the demised and these young ones are ‘making it happen’ there with lots of New styles to their name. There’s actually now a hair dressing salon with synthetic and human hair extensions, also a barbers shop within the premise. Talk about expansion! They now have a tuck shop and a tailoring shop. Talk about Innovation. Everything at your finger tips while you plait your hair. I looked around and it warmed my heart to see familiar faces from when I was little. This is “Mama Helen”, fondly called that. She’s been here since I can remember. I asked her how long she’s been plaiting hair and she said since 1976. Yearssss before I was born. Talk about consistency. She said it with so much pride and glee and I gave her a big hug. It made perfect sense that being consistent is the key to success and happiness. Consistency is what I’ve been preaching to self and others but seeing her just affirms that Consistency truly is key. Here are two more familiar faces. I know some people would be more moved if I cited an example of someone flowing in riches. But that my friend, isn’t success. These ladies have trained children to adults and are happy with how things have been. So they are wealthy in my eyes.

So what do you have in your hand? If you believe in it, then be consistent and be patient to let it grow. 2017 is not a year to compete with others. Rather, compete with self. Stay in your lane and be consistent. As I sat on that chair. Three things hit me:

  • Always have a handwork.
  • Innovate and upgrade your present skill.
  • Be consistent

Hahaha. I told you these first few posts of mine would be sounding serious. I feel like Oprah right now. Anyway, my nails turned out great.

Not everytime SPAR SPAR, sometimes go to F.S.P! No, I wasn’t paid to say this, I just love what I’m seeing. Guess what! She’s reading Bubu’s Boulevard too.¬†¬†This young lady is so good at what she does, so much a male client came by and hussled for a spot to be tended to. So that’s all, folks! Be CONSISTENT! Somebothy shout harllerluryar!


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  • Reply
    Precious @ Precious Core
    January 11, 2017 at 4:37 am

    Yes, those are wealthy ladies right there!
    Thanks for inspiring with this, Bubu.
    Consistency is key.

    • Reply
      January 12, 2017 at 4:49 pm

      You are welcome, Presh.

  • Reply
    November 24, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    I heard so many stories about this place and grew to dread it. I reluctantly escorted my cousins there to make hair. And only made my hair once there. The experience wasn’t as bad sha, cos I had begged the woman not to hold it tight.
    It’s been very long I went there.

    • Reply
      November 26, 2017 at 6:30 am

      It was dreaded by most kids because the women there were known for not pampering the child while making hair and also for holding it really tight. Lol. The women actually felt, the tighter the neater….and that’s how we go home chugging in paracetamol syrup like our lives depended on it

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