She wants to be like Mummy

She wants to be like me, It’s scary she wants to be like me.

I watch her wear my shoes, put on my wig and jewelry, she cries to have my handbag too.

She watches in awe when Mummy wears her make-up, she even knows Mummy’s make up routine.

She dashes off with my lipstick and steals a rub, pouting and then smiling sheepishly, just to come snatch my blush.

She just wants to be like Mummy.


The baby cries, she rushes to him saying “Sowry darling”, kissing his cheeks.

Her dad acts like he was hurt by her, she kisses the spot where he is hurt and says ‘sowry’.

She wants to care like Mummy.


At night, just before we sleep, she closes her eyes with her hands, a sign to tell me it’s time to pray,

she can’t wait for her favorite part, to shout a resounding ‘Amen’,

She wants to pray like Mummy.


She picks up the phone, says “hello” and gesticulates like she is having a serious conversation,

She wants to talk like Mummy.


She scolds her little brother when he makes a whole lot of noise , just the way I’d do to her,

She wants to correct like Mummy.


She picks up a grocery bag, emptying the contents as she pretends to just have arrived from shopping.

She shares what’s in the bag with a big grin and saying, “”How are youuuu? How are youuuuu?” and replies herself, “I’m fineeeee”. LOL

She wants to be courteous like Mummy.


She brings out her toys and plays house keeping, picks up a toy acting as her mic and sings along every song playing,

She wants to be like Mummy.


Only if she knew how much Mummy wants to be like her.

Free from guilt, free from being judged.

Free from losses, free from failures.

Free from doubts, free from insecurities.

Free from past heartbreaks, free from past mistakes.

Free from bad thoughts, free from evil.

Free from society’s demands, free from world’s demands.

Only dwelling in happy moments and happy thoughts. Be in full bliss, naivete and pure innocence like her.


Child! Life is beautiful just like your smile,

but the storms will come just like your tears.

Hi, My name is MOM and my job is to teach you,

to handle Life better than I did.



My  2 year-old daughter inspired these thoughts, and I had to write it down.

To every Mom and Dad. Your child watches and observes what you do. He/She takes in the good and the bad. So don’t just stop at ‘Saying’ the right things to your child, go as far as ‘Doing’ the right thing to/for your child. That is what sticks in their memory. They see you as their comic book Super heroes. Be  great examples, let God handle the rest.


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    June 24, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Wow, Bubu dear, love the poem. Its so nice. Keep it up. Loving your blog as well. Wish you all the best.

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      June 24, 2016 at 1:27 pm

      Thank you so much. Glad you did. Please come again

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