Sweet Saturday Mornings Of Blessed Memory

I stared at the Ice cream man that drives by our lane every weekend with his “Yankee Doodle” themed song, playing without end until it became annoying. Suddenly he stopped and handed me a cone of Ice cream for free. I was grateful but I couldn’t get past the horror of seeing  his brown front tooth as he smiled at me. I dashed hurriedly to show my parents my ice cream gift but the melting Ice cream kept dripping down my arm. I quickly tried to lick it off. For some reason, it was taking forever to lean over to have a taste of my ice cream. I finally came real close when I heard….

…..“Is it not time to wake up?”, my Mom hollered at me from the kitchen. The decibels of her voice didn’t seem to reduce with its journey to my room as I jumped up from my bed like there was a clanging in my ear. Saturdays are my favorite days ‘cos I don’t look forward to rushing out to school, but today was different. It’s a day called “Sanitation”, which is done every first week of the month. My worst Saturdays ever! My Dad would always give me series of hard chores like handing him work tools and making me watch him clean for hours. I know what you are thinking, right? I’m such a cute workaholic. Wait! You think I’m not?! You actually call all my hard work of WATCHING HIM work, a lazy one? How dare you! Now, back to my story.

My Dad is disturbingly amazing at cleaning. He believes good cleaning is when you sweep rigorously and get drenched in sweat like you had a gym session with Mike Tyson. In future there will be a fancy name for such cleaning obsession.  Probably, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning Disorder!…..Eureka!

“Angel!….Angel!!”…That’s my Dad calling me. This is strange. I am only being called ‘Angel’ when I did something good or when my Dad is in a good mood. Apparently he is, but why is he? I was already taking the spade to clear off the dirt from the shallow canal behind our house when he asked me, “You didn’t hear me calling you?” and I replied, “Daddy, I did but wanted to bring out the spade for Sanitation. Not that I knew how to manoeuvre that pounder of a spade but I like to deceive myself and others to thinking I love to do chores. Somehow it pays, ‘cos I get rewarded with a pack of McVities Shortbread!

” Well, Sanitation was cancelled”, my dad cuts in as he tried to get a clear station from his Transistor radio. My mind catapulted to the Shortbread reward that will never come. In my train of thoughts, he cuts in… “Anyway, take those jumpers, they are about 2 pairs, wash and starch them”.

There it was! The reason for the sweet name calling! He knows how much I hate to do laundry( especially his) because they are so tough to manipulate, even tougher in water. I just rushed through the laundry and ran as fast as I could, straight to the sitting room to catch up my highly anticipated ‘Cadbury’s Breakfast show’. I was 30 minutes late but this was bliss. How would the world go on without this part of my Saturday? The ‘Eclairs’ commercial came on and it just reminded me to check my wooden saving box for my last coins to go purchase more Eclairs. On second thought, I refused the urge of dashing to the store to get that, so I don’t risk being seen and sent on another errand. “It will kill me to miss out on today’s  ‘Rags to Riches’ episode”…I spoke these wise words to self. Sitting in front of the TV with glee, I still tried to concentrate as the sweet aroma from the kitchen made its way into the sitting room. The whole room was filled with a smell of spices. My Mom never falls short in delivering tasty meals, especially on Saturdays because she takes her time to prepare them. From 10 a.m, I just couldn’t bear the torture anymore. I stood up fast to go get my food from the kitchen but behold, my Mom was making her way to the sitting room with a bowl of piping hot Peppersoup and Yam drizzled with Palm Oil. It seemed like she had a halo above her head and looked angelic as she walked towards me. If there was a soundtrack to this scene, it will be Handel’s ‘Messiah’! She handed me the tray, my salivary glands failing me from keeping my cool. I picked up that glistening spoon to take my first scoop of that goodness when I felt an uneasy tug on my shoulder……“Mummy, Mummy…In-tooh-mie…In-tooh-mie”. That sounded like my daughter’s voice. What an Omnipresent child!

“You are everywhere I turn, this was my haven! I was this close to a scoop of your Grandma’s peppersoup!”…My daughter looked at me in utter confusion but jumps in reckless abandon the next minute as she knows her ‘Indomie’ was guaranteed.

Almost in tears I picked my weary self up from my bed, dragged myself to the kitchen to make her some of her own ‘goodness’. Oh, how  I miss my childhood Saturday mornings!

****The End***

This was inspired by my childhood memories and the movie “Inception” (a dream within a dream).lol. Saturdays were my best days, growing up. It was bliss without responsibilities. Now, I am the chore-goddess! My parents created a ritual on Saturdays that I just can’t grow out of. It’s eating Yam and Peppersoup! *salivating*. I think  I’m going to create a Saturday ritual for my kids too.

So what did you miss about your childhood Saturday mornings?

What delicacy was peculiar to your Saturdays?

And what would you want your kids to remember about their Saturdays? I’d love to hear from you.


PS: Don’t judge a 10 year-old me for disliking chores. No 10 year-old likes chores. Lol

PPS: For my foreign readers, the story above is peculiar to Nigeria. But I’d really love to hear what Saturdays are like for you! XX

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    August 27, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Oh cool. I am not sure i had one growing up. I guess i will create one for my kids . Nice write up deat

  • Reply
    August 27, 2016 at 11:37 am

    Thanks Kitty. Glad, for you to have stopped by. XO

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