Take It Easy!…Wait For Your Time.

I decided not to give this post a fancy title. I had to just cut to the chase and tag it for what it really is about. How are you, people?

Though it’s like a normal occurrence of people envying each other, recently I’ve heard so many stories  and I keep wondering,  that with all the wealth of knowledge people are exposed to daily, people still don’t get it that Envy harms nobody else but you who’s envying.

Here’s an example I always cite. I remember in my University days, living with a roommate at the Lecturers Quarters. All I dreamt of was actually having a Studio apartment (aka Self-contained), all to myself. Then I went for Youth Service in Calabar and got myself a nice Studio apartment. When I got the place, the lady vacating that apartment was leaving for a One Bedroom flat. She was nice enough to even show me her new apartment. When I got there, I oohed and aaahed at her stylish One Bedroom apartment  and wondered when I’d get there. I just went back to my studio apartment that I had also nicely styled. The bathroom was my masterpiece. I put in all the Feng-shui concepts there, from colours  to bathroom art….cos most times my creative juices flow more in the bathroom and besides, the bedroom was just too much work to makeover and could be untouched since it was still very okay. The door to the bathroom was always open so that that’s the first attraction that gets you when you walk in. I was proud of that  A fellow Copashun like me, spent a day there and while she was using the bathroom, I knew she was in awe of what she saw. I just interrupted her train of thoughts by saying, ” That wasn’t done overnight”. Yes, for every allowee given, for every pocket money from home, plus my savings (I worked few years before going for NYSC), I had to pinch to make that small space what it had become. The houses here were as expensive as those in Port Harcourt. She loved the fact I told her the truth. One year went by and I was done with NYSC and secured a job in Port Harcourt that still transferred me back to Cali. At the time, I had a burning passion to teach French to kids because I wasn’t  satisfied with the French school there. That’s how my hunt  for a One Bedroom apartment started. It was so I could teach the kids in the living room while I had my privacy in my room. It needed to be a posh area where parents would be willing to drop off their kids. Long story short, I found that place, gradually put things in place. For most of the part, I was broke with almost my whole salary being put into setting up the apartment. Month by month, it took shape. It wasn’t as complete as I wanted but it was set enough to kick off the French club for kids. There were times when old bedsheets were used to cover the Windows in the bedroom until my Venetian blinds arrived. Just so every dime was put into the little projects in the house, I’d take breaks and excuses from work to actually go and buy the wood or finishing etc because I didn’t have that luxury of just dashing someone my money to take care of things and have his cut.  There were times when instead of buying myself an art piece, I had to buy stationery for the French club but in all, that was done and dusted. One day, after the troubles were over and I could confidently run back to a lovely home, I started taking stock of my life and that was when it dawned on me that just a year ago from that time, I had wondered when I’d get a One bedroom flat. And I was like, whaaaat?!!! So anything is possible?! That was one of my fundamental life lessons. It was a proud and eye-opening moment for me as a Single girl then. Since then, I knew nothing was impossible, it only took time. I have experienced all and more I had once wished and prayed for at each point of my life. I don’t say this in a braggadocious way. I’m trying to say, “Give it time!”. I’ve still not achieved some But I’m super sure I’d get there. So when I see people who envy, I’m wondering if they don’t get it in this time when information on PURPOSE is free. Once you envy someone, you are already telling yourself and the universe that you can’t achieve that. The race is never to the swift. Everyone should have  a vision board or a vision book. That will aid your path. You could make a detour all you want but the universe has a way of rerouting you to your path so far as you keep your eyes on the goal. If your eyes are fixated on the prize, then how can you look at someone else’s and envy? Once you envy, that’s a ticker going off that you don’t even have your own path. Why would you want to envy someone when there are lots of platforms that showcase a good life besides those who have honest and clean bourgeois lifestyles? Eg. Mortgage plans, dirty deals, Social media, all aid the ‘bring your best foot forward’ attitude. You wee jus haf high BP.

In this life, there are people who know their purpose outrightly and run with it and achieve their dreams. There are some who are still trying to figure it out but are hungry to know so they can run with that purpose. There are others that don’t even know they need one and just float about and make others their business. Which one are you? If things are not set yet doesn’t mean it won’t be set eventually. Please, give it time!….and get to work.

*Somebothy shout harllerluryar! Offeringgggg timeeeee!*


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    Karina Lochan
    October 24, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    The points you’ve made are very succinct. Envy frequently leads to stagnation because people obsessing about others to the detriment of their own progress, usually pay little attention to their own lives. Well written article.

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