The Abuse Of Sick Leave

Hello February! I can’t believe this is my first post in February. Momma duties have been overwhelming. I’m pretty excited about this month for the goodies coming up; one of which is my hubby’s birthday. I always want to have him all to myself on his birthday but his job won’t let him except it falls on a weekend. In years past, I have even suggested he calls sick on such days. Bad wife! lol. One thing I respect him so much for is how he takes his job seriously. He must literally be bed ridden before he asks for a sick day off. At his former place of work some of his colleagues would take incessant sick leaves which was always a strain to the available staff. I wondered how irresponsible that was until I remembered I did somewhat similar.

When I and hubby were courting, when he came to visit me for a few days; I took a one day sick-leave from my office so I can spend the whole day with him. We needed to experience all the sites and sounds of Calabar (Dirty minds!) (If my ex-boss is reading this, now he knows the I thought of how to place that call. My position in office wasn’t one you can be easily absent but I was hell-bent on having this leave. I digress; See what my doggedness resulted to?..A darling husband. lol. So I had to have my voice a certain way while placing that call. Somewhere in between a shivering voice and a ‘I’m-trying-my-best-to-be-strong’ voice. That got my boss and I was excused. Then I remember when I was actually sick, I asked for a sickleave before this pseudo-sickleave and I wasn’t given because I sounded strong on the phone. I was so upset that I wasn’t given a sickleave because of the tone of my voice. That’s why I had to play smart this other time.

Years later, having had a business that made me have subordinates, I cringe when anyone comes up with a sick leave. Even when I excused them, I had it at the back of my mind that it could just be a trick. By law, every employee is entitled to a paid sick-leave; I guess this is why it has been abused alot. I have had stories where a guy had his weekend shenanigans with his lady and decided to call in sick to enjoy more rendez-vous time. Unfortunately, the lady had an asthmatic¬† attack and they saw him running around trying to get her to the hospital. That’s how everyone in his office knew he wasn’t sick but a lady he’s had over the weekend caused his lack of morale to come to work on monday.

Sick leaves have really been abused. It’s tough to pick out someone who’s not abused it but there are some people who don’t mess with it. Are you one? If you are, how do you get a leave when maybe all you needed to do is rest? Some savage bosses will say, “Keep saying you are sick oh, let sickness fall on you there since you always claim it” lol. I don’t feel bad when such prayer is professed on those who overdo it. It can be so annoying. No matter how you love your job, there are some times you just want to stay home for very valid reasons besides being sick; what and how will you tell your boss to get that leave?

Are you an employer of labor? How would you minimise the abuse of sick-leaves at your workplace. In the western world, a doctor’s report is necessary to vet a sick-leave but even that has been abused worldwide (especially if you have a doctor friend).

The recent discovery for big conglomerates is: attracting employees with incentives to minimize sick leaves. Example, They can be promised a percentage of their salary as a bonus for pension, if sick-leaves weren’t used. The package can attract an employee and make him/her weary of incessant excuses. Would you do that at your firm or would you opt for another idea? Please share your thoughts at the comment section.


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  • Reply
    February 7, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    I used to call in sick as a student when a deadline clashed with a shift – but that can be excused right? Lol! It was never because I had a night of drink, dance and fun! I have always been scared that if I fake sickness, sickness will come to greet me. Ha! Incentivising no sickness is a double-edged sword because on one hand you’ll sufficiently reduce abuse of the system, but on the other hand, you’ll have those who are not fit to work forcing themselves in, and not being productive anyway.


    • Reply
      February 9, 2018 at 11:38 am

      You are so excused on that one. Besides I am not in the best position cos I’ve used mine for not so serious case. I think, the ones who are genuinely sick could care less if they lost some money off their no-sickleave incentives. Some people are terrible, they would say someone died just to have that break.

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