What does Valentine’s Day Mean To You?

The Big bigman ain’t around so the little Bigman had to fill in. We be lovin’ up at Yogurberry. Happy Valentine’s Day, People! I trust five out of ten people are scheming on what to give their boo or boos. Una wehdone! I guess God has given you wisdom in this recession to stick to one boo. So before you send those Ferrero Rocher chocolate and roses, or Chocomilo and Hibiscus flowers (if your hand noh reashhh) to that your boo, one quick question, what does Val’s day mean to you? I’ve never been a ‘Val’s person’ even though I’m a hopeful romantic. Maybe, because I feel a lot of pressure tying love to one day. Coincidentally, my hubby’s birthday comes two days before the day and I exhaust all the lovin’ and TLC I should have saved up for Val’s day.

About today, tonight weenot be easy oh! Driving down, I’m seeing couples in red and white. Even teenagers. You people should coman carry your children oh cos I am not understanding what dis 12 year old (I think) is telling this girl that she is blushing. I remember seeing these years ago and that made me truly do a research on “Valentine’s Day”. I had to present the Origin of Valentine’s Day On-air. I stumbled into my radio book where I wrote details down and thought I’d share. So here’s a little history.

Long time ago,a Roman leader by name, Claudius, reigned over the Roman empire. Some of the Romans were Christians including a man called St. Valentine. Claudius was a powerful leader and recruited soldiers but he saw that soldiers who got married and were married at that time became weaklings because they were eager to run back to their families. So in order for him to recruit a fearless fortified army, he banned wedding ceremonies and  marriages. People got weak in the knees. St Valentine who believed so much in God and Marriage,  decided to secretly wed people. It got to the ears of Claudius and he ordered the arrest of St. Valentine.  While he was in prison, one of the prison guards who served there, by name Asterius, brought his beautiful blind daughter to be prayed for by St. Valentine to receive sight. He prayed in God’s name and her sight  was restored. Happiness filled the place save for Claudius who was furious and asked that St. Valentine be beheaded. So when they came to take him away for the execution, he looked into the eyes of the already love-struck daughter of Asterius and handed her a note that read “From Your Valentine”.

So in the actual sense, Valentine’s Day was a sad day but the world’s turned it into get-my-friggin’-gift-or-you-die day! Personally, if we want to go by Valentine’s meaning the celebration of love, then it should be everyday. Following the bandwagon, it’s a mixed feeling for me cos hubby is far far farrrr away at work. So I’m spending it with my kids and loved ones around me and with y’all of course.

I love LOVE and all that it represents from giving to the needy, to sharing a plate of food with boo,….to  “the other room” but do you get a bit pressured tying all the lovin’ and gifting to one day? What was your most awkward or funniest Valentine’s Day experience by the way?(I’ve heard some unbelievable things).  What da’ heck,  share with us your lovely experiences too. Mwaaaaaaah!

P.S. From my last post, the lucky winner of the raffle draw is Miebi. Coincidentally, She’s the C.E.O of Yogurberry Port Harcourt, a place I’ve been longing to visit. Boy,  we had a great time. Loved the yoghurt. So sooo good. More details about this visit, in my future post. Here she (Mrs Oyimiebi Oranusi) is with her gift from Bubu’s boulevard. Much Lurv and Respek to her.I’ve been trying to post the raffle draw video on instagram but it just won’t upload. Congrats to her.




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  • Reply
    February 14, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    I also think valentine’s day should be celebrated every day if possible. However, it’s still a day to show love to everyone around you without pressure. Lovely write up.

    • Reply
      February 14, 2017 at 10:17 pm

      Thanks babe. Happy Val’s day to you

    • Reply
      Tega Enai
      February 15, 2017 at 6:37 am

      Yea… I also believe Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated 1 out of 365 days in a year. Valentine should be celebrated everyday. It’s more than just appreciating your significant other… It should be about showing love to the people around you, the people in need and most importantly to yourself.

      • Reply
        February 16, 2017 at 2:38 pm

        Spot on babe.

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