What’s In Your Hand?

Hello, People! Welcome to the new week. I usually do not publish articles on Mondays but today I was ‘led’ to do so. I tried to ignore the need to post but since I got overwhelmed by my thoughts, I decided to share.

What do you have in your hand? Let me make it clearer. What is your passion in life?

Often times, we are carried away by responsibilities, busy schedules, family issues, our society-approved profession, even chores. Then we forget who we really are, our passion, our gift. We see people who have carefully nurtured their talents and have become experts in their crafts, and we are in awe of them. Sometimes we envy them and say “that could have been me but…..”. Hold on a second, there is the problem. The “BUT” problem. We limit ourselves daily. With well-crafted excuses. Award-winning excuses, I must say. We think that way until our whole being starts moving towards that direction. How about doing  the complete opposite for a change? The truth is you will NEVER find happiness until you do what you were brought to this earth to do. Ever read the Bible passage that says, “He (God) has given us all that pertains to life and godliness”. This is one of my favorite scriptures ‘cos it’s always a reminder to me, whenever I’m feeling low and feel I’m not making any headway in what I’m doing. Everything you’d ever need in this life to make you fulfilled, is in you. Not your Uncle, your Mom, your Godfather etc.

What is in your hand? Use it! They’ll never get unnoticed. Just like the parable of Talents in the bible. Do not bury yours. My biggest fear in life is actually living an ordinary ‘safe’ life. For some reason I believe I was born to be a star in every sense of the word. I might be deceiving myself but I love such deceit. I come from a humble background and a teeny-weeny family setting. My parents are not rich but they are content. My dad would say things like,”I don’t know where you get this spotlight character from, remember we are quiet people”. I’d be so upset when he says that. I understand now, he means I should stay humble but then I just felt he wanted to stifle me from being a glitz-n-glam person.(My hubby will be laughing now ‘cos I use the word ‘glitz-n-glam’ to always describe overt things).

Personally, what makes me tick is singing or being in the midst of good musicians and good music. I love writing too, basically I lean towards the arts. I try my best to stay in tune with these things that make me happy. Am I the best singer in the world? Hell no! Sometimes I even doubt myself, but all I know is right from childhood, I would pick up special renditions to sing in church, alongside my cousins. We’d go as far as singing in small events. I joined the school choir and fervently looked forward to being picked to come sing one of the school songs at the Assembly ground. The day I was given the opportunity to do so, I sang and pronounced every word emphatically, so much I called “Land of our birth”…”Land of our birrrrrth”. I emphasized the ‘r’ like tomorrow will never come. LOL. See ginger! Secondary school days were the best. I was supposed to be the Music prefect, it was set in stone that I will be. However, I was suspended from school, alongside half of my classmates for writing GCSE from SS2.(It was a law to write from SS3). That was how I missed it. Fast forward years later, I’ve done back up singing, church singing, concerts, personal demos, collabos and still learning but una neva notice me abi. Don’t worry, one day you will hear my name! Praise dai Lord! My point is, use your gifts. Do not relent. One day, you’d be noticed for it.

Blogging for me was one of the scariest things I ever tried. The insecurities I felt starting this blog(That’s a story for another day), I won’t wish it on my enemy. However, I decided to take the plunge. I didn’t care if I failed at it. Was I perfect? No! (still ain’t perfect). Do I feel sometimes I’m wasting my time? Yes, every blogger does. But what is more rewarding is not even the page views, it’s just those personal messages sent to you on how you touched someone’s life….Hahh! And I’ve not blogged up to 3 months yet.  For me, hearing those words, gets me fulfilled! So my advice to you is, find what you love doing. Strive everyday to add to that talent. Nurture it/them and let it/them grow. The worst that can happen is for you to fail, but at least you know you did everything you could to let it sail. That failure on its own is a blessing in disguise ‘cos it redirects your path to the right path. No matter how many academic degrees, career heights you’ve achieved, if you do not do that thing that makes you tick, you’d regret it. Except what makes you tick is in academia. That said, please don’t quit your job o! You need to chop! If possible, align your career/academic journey with your passion. That’s bliss.

When do you start?……START NOW!

Somebothy shout Harlerluryar!



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  • Reply
    Precious Nkeih
    August 9, 2016 at 6:18 am

    Bubu, this post is so on point!
    Those appreciation messages from people let you know that your blog is beyond a blog. You are changing lives and that is more important than everything else! You’ve only blogged for a few months but I see you going far. That’s because every post I see here is so relevant and you put a lot of genuine effort into what you do. This blogging thing that is in your hands will bring you before kings and great men. Keep shining the light, dear!

    Our wedding anniversary

    • Reply
      August 9, 2016 at 8:04 am

      Oh dear. I could just give you a tight bear hug right now. Thank you for always being there. God bless you so much

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