Where Is The Love?

Hello, people! I apologize in advance. This is a long post but it’s worth the read.

In recent years, anywhere you turn there’s bad news. People say bad news have been magnified because of Social media. I totally agree but that doesn’t mean that the atrocities we hear about are mostly not there. These things really happen and when I hear any bad news. Instead of rushing to shout “It’s not my portion”. I try to empathize and tell myself it could have been anyone in that position.

There’s so much hate and negativity in the world and I just keep wondering what it’d be like when my kids are adult. Excuse my rant but that’s one of the reasons for my blog; to talk about some real issues too. How do we make little changes? How do we become more human? How do we put love in our hearts again? ‘coz the hate in this world is so dense, you can cut through it.

Hate comes in so many forms. First, as discrimination. It even starts from childhood. Somehow we are fashioned not play with certain kids. Rich kids don’t play with poor kids, viz versa. Then it goes to Teen years; cool kids can’t hang out with the geeks, nerds and ‘weirdos’. Then it gets religious; Christians can’t be friends with Muslims. Infact, you are dead to even say you are chatting with a Sikh, or a Buddhist. It then comes to work status; Blue collars have no business chatting with white collars or no collars. Even in the airplane, Business class curtains are closed from the Economy class during meal times. Whether that is supposed to help the Economy seat passenger not to go green with envy, I don’t know but you find out the hostesses treat you differently. Yes, I’ve flown on both and I’ve seen the difference. Sometimes it’s not so obvious but sometimes it really is. We manifest discrimination as kids, when that your rich Uncle who always gives you some loose change, is your ‘cool Uncle’ and the one who doesn’t is disrespected. *Smh*.

Hate starts when some parents force their children to marry only from their tribe and not someone outside that. Why is that a rule in the first place? You think the person from the other tribe ain’t good enough? I hear the Osu Caste still exists. You speak same Igbo, yet they are a forbidden tribe so you can’t marry from that caste. You don’t want to mess up your genes? Ngwanu!…clap for yasef, as a Geneologist that you are!*In Nkechi’s voice*.

Then we have the Race Factor. Black shouldn’t hang out with Whites. The segregation goes on and on. We are always at war with eachother’s skin color. Fitting everyone into the small box of statistics. “He’s white! ….She’s black”. No one takes time to know people personally anymore without writing eachother off. Some People call some whites ‘racist’ even when they don’t know the Caucasian in person. I’ve seen some white people who will literally do anything to please you. I’m not intentionally writing off racism from white folks. The truth is, it exists but I think some Blacks are even more racist in their dealings. Always putting up a defensive wall, playing the racist card, making the unintentional white person walk on eggshells to talk to them. Free your mind and love! Anyone who recieves it badly, ain’t worthy of your love. Find the next deserving person and spread love.

Hate rears its head in political disagreements all over the world. Watching the presidential race in the United States of America, I’ve seen how opposing parties tear each other down with the help of their cable news propaganda. FOX for Republicans. CNN(pretending they are indifferent but clearly democrat) and MSNBC for Democrats. Let’s bring it home. The political killings in Nigeria. Opposing political party supporters dishing verbal and physical blows at eachother. The hatred trickles down to Local Government rivalries. It’s just war, war, war! Tribes killing eachother. Where is the Love?

How about Terrorism? It’s everywhere we turn. Nigeria, France, US, UK, Kenya, Turkey. The list goes on and on. Those also fighting Terrorism are killing the innocent. In Syria, if you choose to stay back or choose to leave, life is not guaranteed. Death comes knocking on the door of your house or at sea, trying to escape. My heart bleeds when I see parents carry their youngs in agony. Perplexed and wondering if their dinner that night, would be their last. Some could just be at home playing and ….boom!..There is an air strike! Whyyyy?! Whyyyy?!! Whyyyy?!!! A kid’s innocence just snatched away like that. Some lose their parents and just become adults overnight. Where is the Love?

We see videos and hear news of Cops killing and harassing innocent citizens. Citizens retaliating and doing more killings. An eye for an eye as the Modus Operandi. Family members of an honest cop fear for his life as soon as he steps out just as an average black family fears for theirs when anyone steps out. When did it come to this? Where is the Love?

Hate shows itself in Religion! We use religion to ward off people who don’t fit into our beliefs. Tear that wall down and be welcoming. Let love speak! If you think you’d get all the loving from folks practicing same religion then you’ll be disappointed. With all due respect to my fellow Christians, I am black and a Christian but I tell you, the ‘White’ (for lack of a better word to describe their skin color) muslims I’ve seen here are a lot nicer to me than most “religious” Christians have been. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having friends from other faiths so far as they respect yours and don’t impose theirs. Sometimes, hear what they have to say and be amazed at the knowledge you’d get. If you find yourself in a foreign land, don’t be stuck up. Relax and enjoy their culture. Some “zealous christians” went ballistic when I showcased a full Saudi attire, in my profile picture. Seriously?! Ain’t nothing wrong with that. It’s just a pix! Live, Laugh, Love!!!

Hate also comes in form of slandering. When you judge people and slander their image with words (Just ‘cos you can), even when you don’t know them. You are part of the problem too.

I know you might be rolling your eyes at this and wondering why I’m wasting my time, energy and blog space to say things that won’t ever change. If you think this way, you are part of the problem too. I know my voice is very teeny weeny compared to the voices out there and we might just go back to business as usual after another horrendous story is aired in the media but I see this as my own way of spreading the love and word. And if you are nodding your head to this. This is for you! Infact, that you’ve read to this point, you are awesome!

People! Love everyone irrespective of their Skin color, their job titles, their bank account, their tribe, their status, their sexuality and their opinions, their history. You may not agree with people’s perspectives, that’s what makes it beautiful- Our variety! Love them regardless! There’s so much hate in the world. Be different and show love.

I came across this Black Eyed Peas video called “Where is the Love?”. Not the old one they did. This is a new remix featuring a lot of artists. I saw this and couldn’t be happier for the perfect timing. A must-watch!

Remember, GOD IS LOVE! Not your religion! We might not have the solution to the mayhem in the world but LOVE is something we can do intentionally to spiral into something great.

Food for thought: Ever wondered why the “heart” sign is same with “love” sign?

P.S: I just found out today marks the International Day of Peace. How more timely can this post be? Now, I’m convinced to publish it today. Please feel free to air your thoughts at the comment section!


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  • Reply
    September 28, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    I absolutely love their new “Where is the love” video
    It has such a strong message just like the first but I think it is needed now more than ever
    There is so much hate swallowing and sucking life in today’s world, that it’s sad and it’s scary and it’s pathetic all at once!

  • Reply
    September 28, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Very true Imaobong. I’m glad you share same thoughts on this. God bless you and thanks for visiting. XO

  • Reply
    September 30, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Bubu, this piece is so nicely put. you couldn’t have said it better! I just wonder when love will be a world wide currency?

  • Reply
    October 1, 2016 at 1:09 am

    Honestly, Mimi . It just seems to be far-fetched.

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