Why You Might Miss Arsene Wenger More Than You Think

Yes, I’m that girl who likes good football. I grew up as a tom-boy and was influenced by my father’s love for the game. It goes as far back as when he’d ask me to go wear my “Bulit” pair of sneakers and I’d gleefully wear those with my pair of shorts and “New Kids On The Block” T-shirt to see Sharks Football club play at (the then-called) Civic Centre Stadium, against teams like Lobi Stars, BCC Lions of Boko, Rangers, Iwuanyawu Nationale(now Heartland), Enyimba FC etc. I would always make match predictions on their wins, which most times I got right, making our fellow spectators order the ice cream man to give me an ice cream. One day, I took advantage of it and ordered “Fan Yoghurt” which had just come out then, the disgust on my face tasting yoghurt for the first time could be likened to the one I always have when we clearly miss our chances of winning some games in Arsenal.

Yes, I’m an Arsenal fan. A subtle one unlike my husband. I’ve seen my hubby go from mood 100 to 0, after a lost match from Arsenal. It doesn’t stop there, he’d criticize the hell out of Wenger. To make matters worse, we tune in to Arsenal Fan TV and everyone is cussing Wenger out. Even our dear Nigerian happy-go-lucky fanatic, Kelechi, becomes gloomy. And everyone starts pointing out Arsene Wenger must go. We patiently wait for the next week and win a match fantastically and then we sing Arsene’s praises until the following week, when we unfortunately lose again. Then the bashing starts all over again. It becomes a cycle and it starts looking like that bad relationship you can’t escape from and keep running back to.

I get that Arsenal fans have had it and we seek to change the Manager fast. His Match day blueprint is predictable. We all know, even the babies in the womb know, there’s no substitution until the 65th-70th minute of the game, He wouldn’t pull a player out even when he is at risk of getting a red card, consequently bringing us down to 10 men. These are just a few from the many “what dah hell is he thinking?” situations. So it seems we just can’t get that trophy(yet). He’s been termed complacent, boring and idealistic. This is me trying to describe the terms modestly. In the midst of all these disgusted feelings, is me rooting for this guy.

Here is what I think. What Arsene Wenger has with Arsenal is a father-son relationship. He’s been there, spotted talents with his sixth sense and patiently watched them grow into stars as they give us “sexy” football. This can’t be said of other trophy-thirsty clubs changing managers like a girl changes clothes. 20 friggin’ years to one club is not a joke. It takes love (…and a fat account). But it basically takes love for a club, to stay this long despite the hate thrown at his face for years, just like a loving father is disdained by his discontented know-it-all son. The funny thing is when it’s time for this father to say goodbye, the son suddenly can’t let go nor imagine life without him. That’s what’s going to happen to most Arsenal fans. I predict we will cry like babies, the day Arsene Wenger finally leaves. Be sure to find me at the Emirates stadium, handing out Kleenex tissues for 1 GBP per ply. This gurl gotta make some big bucks mehhnn! Lol

Let’s give it to him. He will be missed, when he leaves. He might have slowed down on his tactics but to me, “Le Professeur” is still the best manager ever because he’s got heart.

Happy 20th Anniversary to managing a club that I’ve come to love. All hail, the club’s longest-serving Manager!

Thinking out loud: Arsenal male fanatics! Everytime pesin weee not hear word about winning trophies. I really want us to win, I really do. But no be like say, when we win, we go get bank alerts for our phones. Just saying. Isn’t it obvious, winning a trophy is just to massage your ego and make you brag about it ¬†over bottles of beer? That’s all?….and You say women are complex! *flips wig*


Happy Weekend, People!!!!

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  • Reply
    September 26, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    Lmao. The ending statement got me. It’s actually all for bragging. I wonder when people would get tired of criticising him tho. I like Arsenal too but I liked Walcott first. Lol
    Laitanbee Blog

  • Reply
    September 28, 2016 at 12:57 am

    Hahaha. Walcott seems to be ladies’ favorite even when his lustre’s fading. I once used to joke that he could come eat ogbono soup with our family, especially after his sweet goals. I do love Arsenal, obviously. Lol

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