Why You Need A Vision Book/Board

Hey friends! How are you today? I’m still giddy from the celebrations but reflective too cos I spent my holiday in solitude. The village I visited was calm enough to make me clear my head, so I might be sounding a lot serious these first few 2017 posts. I really need to pass on the message deep in my heart. I really want to see people, both far and nigh succeed.

I was not the average girl who loved to read ‘Sweet Valley High’, ‘James Hadley Chase’ or ‘Mills and Boons’. I don’t know why but it was like that for me. However, growing up in my early Twenties, the kind of books I yearned for were the likes of ’48 Laws Of Power’ I think I read them for the wrong reasons then. Probably to make me look serious. However, reading those books opened my eyes. Then I came across the audio book – ‘ The Secret- Law of attraction’. I listened to that audio file every second until I could tell the next line. That was how I got into the habit of writing down clearly any idea or vision in a book. One of the narrators went as far posting images on his vision board (catalogue) of every car, house and other stuff he wished to achieve.This way, you are reminded daily that there are pending goals.

Few days ago, I stumbled into one of my vision books just when I was interning at a Radio Station about 10 years ago. I opened the book and I was amazed at what I saw. Forgotten goals, unrealistic goals, achieved goals, yet-to-be achieved goals but one thing I noticed most of those goals that seemed far-fetched have actually been materialized in one form or the other. I also was amazed at my thought pattern then. That’s when I remembered a part of the audio message I listened to, saying that when you yearn for things and think about them positively, the universe brings it to you. This audio message was put together by scientists but it can be interpreted in the Christian circle as FAITH- A substance of thing hoped for and an evidence of thing not seen. So what is that goal or those goals you really want to achieve? Do you know you can really achieve them? This is not just pep talk or me trying to sound like Oprah. The truth is everything your mind has conceived and you are yearning to achieve, can be achieved. It might take time, effort,needed changes but it WILL happen. If you doubt it, pick up a picture from 10 years ago. How did you look? Probably thin eyebrows, denim trousers begging to be washed, Brown skin etc. Now you are full-browed, with a full wardrobe and relatively lighter skin(thanks to Bobrisky the cosmetologist! ?But you don’t have to bleach na!). I bet all that the younger-you wanted was to be like you now. Now you are that person. What about you, Mister? Long neck, swimming in your Khaki trousers. Now you look rotund, with a job and a nice ride, looking like the “oppressor” that stole that your ‘chin-gum’ girlfriend in school. It is all a matter of time. You’d get there, as long as you yearn and work towards it. So why get a vision board/book?

  • So you can see it clearly and run with it. The Bible also says in a paraphrase, “Write the vision clearly, make it plain …”
  • So you can compare, tweak, make changes or adjust.
  • So you can be focused and hold yourself accountable.
  • Your mind and the universe subconsciously work towards those goals.
  • So you can have a testimonial of achieved goals.

A good trick I use is asking myself, what will my life be in a perfect world. By that, I mean not having issues like life’s conditions get in the way. So I write down all these things fearlessly and work with such vision. It will amaze you how much would be done by not letting conditions be a determining factor for your success.

In Life, patience is key to achieving anything. Most people aren’t just patient enough. The saying ” The patient dog eats the fattest bone” has been taunted and caricatured to “…eats no bone” but the author of that saying knew exactly what he was talking about. This new year, take charge of your life. Be deliberate! Be conscious! Be YOU!



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    Nora Gouma
    January 7, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    This is truly such a great post, very inspiring, I love to read it, thank you for sharing!!!


    • Reply
      January 8, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      You are welcome, Nora. Happy New year

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