Would You Rub ‘Snake Oil’ On Your Hair?

Before you start cringing and start shouting “Blood of Jesus”, just breathe…in ….out….in, Oya now you can shout and cringe. Lol .

Last week, while shopping for groceries at a  Hypermarket here, I went to the hair products aisle looking for hair serum for my hair. To my amazement, I saw some bottles that had “snake oil” written on them. I thought I didn’t see well. So I stared at them, and found out some other products had the snake oil tag with a snake image. In shock, I just couldn’t stand there and take pictures. So I had to borrow the picture of the product I saw elsewhere. Now I had to do a research on this oil. Snake oil is being believed to treat hair loss and it’s used very well in the middle east. It’s said to have been produced from fats in the Chinese water snakes and North American rattlesnakes. First, I couldn’t get past the slithering shiny “bothy” of that thing, how much more getting oil from inside it.*cringing*. The reviews from people who used it showed that it works. First of all, why is it that alleged effective medicines are always the weirdest?

Now on the flipside, some people say it doesn’t work. That the term, “snake oil” doesn’t actually mean there is snake oil in the product. What it does mean is that it is just a combination of oils that is termed to treat any ailment or deficiency in the body.

Historically till date, “Snake oil” is a term used to describe a worthless health product , fraudulently advertised as cure for all ailment. Like a phony magic drug. This makes me remember in Port Harcourt,  where a guy would use his public address system in a truck or wheelbarrow, screaming and advertising his “mericine“. In his words, “This mericine dey cure cattarh, cough, fever. E de also kill cockcroach and fly. Mix am wit kai-kai, e go give you man power”. Jisos!!! Only one medicine can do all these things? Lol. Those using the snake oil, still swear by it and they say the benefits are:

  1. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Great for skin
  3. Hair moisturizer
  4. Treats hair loss
  5. Used as a topical pain reliever
  6. Treats Rheumatism
  7. Treats Neuralgia
  8. Relieves Toothache

They come in different brands and products. Some brands even go over board and leave the snake in the bottle. Is it to say, the “snakier” it is, the more appealing?processed-unprocessed-poisonous-snake-oil-355795 Unu lekwe m problem! Just negodu! I bind and cast.

The History behind this “mericine“: The Chinese immigrants who came to work for the Americans in the 19th century, had this oil from their Chinese snakes and it worked tremendously on ailments of all kinds, making sales flourish. The Americans were awed by it and started using it. Then they went further to manufacture same but with North American rattle snakes. They had great market sales from it but in no time, it was discovered that the product was phony and there was no snake oil in the product, instead it was a combination of oils made to believe that it was the magical snake oil. This is why ‘snake oil’ has been described as a product which is fraudulently advertised a cure-for-all product.

So even with the real snake oil, would I use it? Hell no! Would you use it? Say it in the comment section. Have you heard of it before or used it? Please share your experience at the comment section. If you are interested in the oil, you can check beauty shops(I don’t know about Nigeria’s) or get it online on Amazon. When you use it, come back here and tell us. Hehehe

Disclaimer: If it works well for you, you heard about it here first. If it doesn’t, you are on your own. Lol. On a serious note, Seek professional advice before using such.

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  • Reply
    Precious Nkeih
    October 6, 2016 at 4:58 am

    Hahaha Bubu, I have never seen this one oo.This one na serious “mericine”. Chai! Snake in a bottle?! I will never ever go near a bottle with that. Never!
    Thanks for warning me in advance. Lol

    • Reply
      October 6, 2016 at 4:15 pm

      I still cringe seeing that snake picture. There’s nothing we won’t see in the beauty world.

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