WWJD vs Human Reaction (Story Time!)

Hey y’all! Hope your Monday is going great. This post was due to be up yesterday because I felt most people will have come out of church freshly anointed to read. Lol. Well, that didn’t happen, so it’s up today.  If you are reading this and wondering what WWJD is, it’s an acronym formed from “What Will Jesus Do?”. A question always taught to us as teenagers in church. It is supposed to make us pause, think and act in the Christian way. Growing up in a Christian home, I had the WWJD teen devotionals, glow-in-the-dark bracelet and other souvenirs. Now why am I recalling all these? I had an experience.  Just read on.

Few days ago, I had a Doctor’s appointment. I carried along my two kids because my daughter had a flu so she couldn’t go to school. We got there in good time but there were people before me. The procedure was to take turns by taking a number. I was number 13. Despite there were 13 patients, the Nurse to get patients registered  had not started the exercise. Of course, my kids were already restless and were trying to bring out my Naija Mom leg. I had to hold myself. I kept talking nicely like these people talk to their kids in the middle of crisis, when all I wanted  to say was, “I’ll spank flog you oh”. I decided to wait till they started  with the first patient so I could calculate and gauge how much time each patient took. It will take a long time before my turn, so I took the phone number of patient 10, asking her to call me when she’s about to get in. I needed to drive back home and let the kids be at home until that call.

Long story short, the lady failed at calling. She said she sent me a message which I didn’t see because I called her after a long wait. So I dashed back to the hospital with the kids. This time it had passed my turn. So I told the Nurse why I left. She attended to me and told me ahead of time that the second part of the wait to see the doctor might not be as easy for me as it was with her attending to me in terms of who goes first. I said okay. I went to the 2nd lounge to wait to see the doctor and I found out, they just attended to patient number 14. So I begged the woman who was number 16, to let me go in, since they just skipped my number, besides number 15 was absent. At this point, my daughter was coughing really hard because of the cold room we were in. She also said she wants to go to the bathroom to do ‘Number 2’. I tried convincing my daughter to hold on, since I was almost being seen by the doctor. You know kids. She wasn’t buying that. I begged and begged. So I told this lady who’s  number 16,( let’s call her Laquisha) to allow me go in before her. At this point she seemed to have agreed. She spoke in Creole so I could hardly get what she was saying. All I heard was ‘Ok’. So I stood at the door away from the Air Conditioner making my daughter cough. As I was just there attending to Aliyah. They called out the next person. I was trying to clean my daughter’s nostrils at the same time but was ready to go in. Only to see Laquisha bursting in to the doctor’s office. I was so upset that she could play a Mom and child in distress. So I waited patiently to go in next after her. When she came out, I gave her that look but she threw her face like she never said a thing to me. From the doctor’s room, I saw her struggling with her umbrella in the wind and it was about to rain. Then my thoughts began to play out.

Scene 1: Laquisha struggles with umbrella. A torrential rain starts. I run into my car with kids and drive off  past her. I roll down the window and give her the You-got-served look, while she gets soaked.

Scene 2: Laquisha struggles with umbrella, I get into my car with kids. It rains heavily and I drive into a puddle and splash her some murky water. Ooops!

Scene 3: ‘Kill her with kindness’ scene. Laquisha struggles with umbrella. I drive past and slowly reverse to her spot. I open the door, let her in. I smile like nothing ever happened but had a sudden burst of anger because I held emotions back. I yell and yell and drive us into a ditch. Lol

I played these scenes over and over again. Anyway, none of these happened. Though I know I wouldn’t have carried out such plans eventually, I was so hurt by what she did and wished I could get her served.

So just yesterday, when all was over. I recalled the incident and laughed and even laughed at the fact that I didn’t even think of anything good because of how angry I was. And the WWJD question came to mind. At that point, I knew I had flopped big time. I’m one who truly believes in Kindness but I was so hurt,  especially the fact, she didn’t put my kids into consideration. I guess she had her reasons.

Ever felt hurt by someone’s actions, all you want to do is get them served despite all the Sunday Church going and bible reading you Do? If you did. Please share with us at comment section. I guess you felt just a temporary satisfaction but guilty afterwards. Please don’t mind them, Ogbanje might be at work, causing them a bad day and you get caught up in their ripple. Just ignore them, biko. I overcame. So if that happens, just still ask the good ol’ question, WWJD? Have a lovely week, people!


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  • Reply
    November 24, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    Hahahaha @ the scenes that played in your head.
    Really WWJD thoughts keeps some payback from becoming reality. Sometimes someone hurts you bad and all you wanna do is serve some hot payback….but for Jesus.

    • Reply
      November 26, 2017 at 6:27 am

      Oh Lawd….but for Jesus. Lol

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